Dress shawls

Practically every woman at least once in my life used such an item of clothing, like a scarf. Then he adorned my neck or hips in the form of a pareo, and sometimes even created the whole dress. Sewing a dress from scarves started years ago. But the history of this fashion trends have arisen not from good life, and as a result of the shortage of fabric and clothing.

Dress made from handkerchiefs

As a well-known Russian fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev has created a collection of outfits created from pavloposad shawls. However, this fashion course have not received any reviews. Not surprising, because dresses from shawls not cost-effective to produce EN masse, as it is costly. The production process is rather lengthy. First you need to create the scarf, then turn it into the original dress.

All this is not a reason to abandon such a strange outfit in your wardrobe. Dress made of scarves, you can create yourself, that would be very original.

Dress pavloposad shawls

Paloposki dress shawls is one of the most complex dresses of shawls, as it requires an exact pattern. Pavloposadskie shawls are famous all over the world, they can simply tie at the neck or to make them an outfit. To get the dress of these shawls will first need to lay on the floor, and only then make the pattern and sew model.

Pavloposadskie scarves are usually very large sizes, which will allow you to get fancy and create a real masterpiece. Therefore, woolen dress of pavloposad scarves will be the exclusive dress wardrobe. The model can be with a high waist and a flared skirt or dress-pencil. One thing is clear – the dress will have a huge success, because the figure of the Russian shawl will refresh any outfit.

Dress from silk scarves

Dresses of silk scarves – summer fashion outfit. In this case, to resort to complex patterns is not necessary, dresses, silk shawls can be fixed by one or more nodes. At first glance these sites are very fragile, however, it is not. Many women wear scarves and shawls, recorded at one site. In this outfit, nothing is open and flowing fabric of a scarf make the look more romantic.

As of the shawl to make the dress

Make dress from scarf a variety of ways.

Dress shawls

The first method is to wrap around the body of the shawl is chiffon and the ends to tie under the chest. To ensure your website looks neat and not too bulky, the corners of the shawl is slightly spinning.

The second method. To create a dress from a scarf two silk products, which will become the top and bottom of the outfit. First you need a scarf to tie around the neck top end and the bottom to skip between your legs back and lift up to the waist where you tie it on the stomach. The second scarf you want to tie on the hips. The result is a very fashionable dress with open back which can very easily turn into a sexy swimsuit.

How to tie dress scarf

What will be the dress made of scarves depends on you. Today you can tie a scarf like this, tomorrow another, creating a new unique image. With such material it is worth trying and then you can achieve a very stylish and original outfits.

The photo of the dress from handkerchief

Dress shawls

Dress shawls

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