Dress sexy but not vulgar

How to dress sexy, but not to be like the woman of easy virtue? Perhaps, there is that girl who never asked such a question. So, in order to look seductive, you must remember a few basic secrets.

Firstly, symmetry, and illusion — that’s the basis of sexual image. Highlight only the most beautiful of its features, but do not expose for show too much. Your pride is a lush Boobs from nature? Acquire several dekolirovaniya dress, but practice moderation so as not to attract too much unwanted attention from men and babies, breastfeeding.

The nature has awarded You the envy slender legs? Select it with a dress or skirt which end a few inches above the knee. Perfectly flat belly — the envy of your friends? Wear jackets or slinky dresses.

Secondly, crucial wisely chosen lingerie. Wear nice jeans, under tight clothes wear seamless panties or thongs. If you want to hide the appearance of cellulite, flabby stomach and other shortcomings, then you can buy shapewear: control top pantyhose, various of belt. Quality linen guarantee that the garment will fit and flatter Your figure.

Third, leave room for rampant imagination. Too revealing dress is only vulgar and tasteless women. The well-dressed woman knows the art of seduction and dressed to give vent to the male imagination. In any case, do not cut away too much: emphasize only the legs, hips, thighs, or chest.

Fourth, forget about too open clothes. You must impose a strict taboo on clothing resembling underwear, microvee tops, low jeans, exposing the coccyx, transparent blouse, black leggings close-fitting, fully lace clothing. Hips and chest covered too tight clothing, look provocative but not sexy.

Fifthly, if you are looking for fashionable clothing with taste, it speaks of your elegance and sexuality. Buying trendy clothes, make sure that You a great fit. But under any pretext do not wear clothes of last fashion. Forget about what clothes you wore in school or College years, if you don’t want everyone to think You’re living in the past and do not differ exquisite taste.

Sixthly, sexuality hidden in the details. Even the most beautiful and stylish party dress will look at least ridiculous if you will wear cheap jewelry or inappropriate footwear. A carefully chosen wardrobe needs to be supplemented with expensive perfume, high-quality accessories, stunning hair and exquisite makeup. And never forget about grooming and neatness!

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