Dress in pea – a current trend 2017

Dress in pea – a current trend 2017

Dress in peas – that’s the trend that won’t go out of fashion ever. It appeared more than two hundred and fifty years ago, but today it is not haunted by fashion designers. A woman in a dress will always look great. According to psychologists, the more of a pea on the dress, the more sociable and open in front of you is a woman.

A bit of history

Dress in peas come from Switzerland, where it appeared in the middle of the eighteenth century. However, it would have forgotten everything if not for the French ladies of the late eighteenth century. Such outfits in Paris was initially mainly the king and Bohemia, but soon they fell in love with the entire French nation. This trend was reborn in the early twentieth century. While Walt Disney put on your mouse-Minnie mouse red beautiful dress in white dots.

Years later, in the fifties Christian Dior collection was introduced, which was dedicated to peas. After this dress in peas began to wear everything from Hollywood stars to normal women. And this is not surprising because this collection was very feminine. In this dress every girl seemed more vulnerable and delicate.

In the sixties dress in peas was modified by Yves Saint Laurent, which made it more brazen and bold. After him, many designers in their collections were presented polka-dot dress. They changed it all: size, shape, volume and texture. But, nevertheless, if not for Laurent and Dior, we hardly spoke today about the dress in pea, as an absolute trend.

How to wear a dress in peas?

Polka dot is a versatile pattern that can be a perfect fit for any style of things. For example, the incredible popularity still use swimwear with polka dots. As for the dresses in peas, they can be combined with any shoes. It could be high heels, boots and even sneakers. So the question, where in this dress to go, will reply you as selected by you accessories.

Dress in peas in 2017, have become one of the most important trends. They are delicate and bold at the same time, the peas can be both small and large. But look into it you will still be fine.

Dress in pea – a current trend 2017

In a dress in peas in 2017 you will impress others with its brightness and femininity.

Dress in pea – a current trend 2017

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