Dress for the New year 2013 (lots of pictures)

Before such a holiday as New year, many women the question arises: «What to wear? «The upcoming 2013 is the year of the Black snake. This is what the dress will emphasize the dignity and hide flaws and you will feel the most beautiful and irresistible in the evening.

Before you start choosing dresses for the New year 2013 you need to think what the situation will be the occasion. One thing is clear — the dress is the best option, in spite of the situation, which will be held in celebration (house, restaurant). The choice of dress is just gorgeous — short, long, high-waisted, a lush, tight.

Of course, your favorite outfit needs to be matched just perfectly on the figure and correspond to the latest trends in fashion. Is couturiers of the fashion world?

Stylists do not seek to limit the choices of women. You can wear a long dress and short. Fashion 2013 presents a huge number of models. This and the tight outfits, and a little curvy, short sleeve or bare shoulders.

Long models for the New year.

Very actual dresses with a high waist. Waist perfectly emphasize a wide or narrow belt. You can choose a model with built-in belt.

There is a peculiar feature of the gowns is a small pockets. They should not be too noticeable.

Bright outfits 2013.

If to talk about the fashion colors for 2013 we can say that the dress may be bright, light and most important — it should be visible and arouse interest. It would be nice if the fabric will Shine, so you should pay attention to such colors as orange, silver, gold.

Do not overdo it with the details in the outfit. Everything should be simple and elegant.

I wouldn’t discard the long garments in the style of «fish». Great look dress, belt, hem, embellished with rhinestones and the same top. And still not depart from the rules — at least all the details. From dresses needs to go subtle Shine, not too shiny.

Still, you should accept the rules: bodycon dresses will look great on girls with large hips and skirts perfectly suited to tall women and narrow hips.

For owners of a slim figure perfect short dresses of white and pale peach color.

Dress is made of lace.

New year’s eve look great dresses from light fabrics. To achieve such magnificence need more skirt.

The top may be open, but do not avoid closed models.

Short puff model with a high waist is a great choice. You should look at the pink dresses with silver inserts — they will make you just a star and even the Queen of the Fiesta.

Dresses with sequins for the new year.

Dresses with metallic colors and short length will very much enjoy Black snake. Complete the outfit with a belt with an unusual flower and you will be the most vivid and memorable.

Outfit for the office.

If you are going to celebrate the new year in the office, then look at the dresses knee length. It is better to choose a model of dark blue color, highlighting it with a belt in silver color, be aware of the dresses, cream colors, decorated with rhinestones

Ornaments for the holiday.

On the holiday itself doesn’t need to wear anything other than earrings. Especially do not wear a necklace. A little more about shoes. With a short dress will look great shoes and sandals with high heels. And long will look great any footwear, appropriate in style.

Most importantly, you in your outfit feel just on top.

Below in the photo gallery you will find dress for New year 2013 :

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