Dress electric blue (photo)

Color in clothes is a very important element. It can lift your look up to heaven, or completely ruin it. So what is it, electric blue?

Electrician (from FR. électrique — electrical) – rich bright shade which are darker than blue but lighter than blue. We can say that it looks more like a blue color with a grayish or blue. For the first time this color is mentioned about it in the second half of the nineteenth century, it was then he became popular and has not lost its popularity and still. And this is not surprising because this is an unusual color that captivates, fascinates, refreshes and invigorates. Electric blue is all women without exception. He represents nobility, elegance and even mystery. And it does not surprise us the fact that this mysterious color often found on the red carpet. Elegant dress color electrician will be able to capture the attention of others and cause them to have only positive emotions.

Who goes dress electric blue?

A dress of this color can highlight the beauty of women of any color type. Electric blue will make your image more mysterious and colorful, and will give it special meaning and depth. But this color can also be quite capricious and whimsical. This applies to the other colors with which it can be combined. Perfect match the colors of the electrician will be:

•White and black colors.

•Light yellow shades.

•Gray color.

•A good combination of Burgundy, purple and even green or red hues. However, red and green colors combined with the color of the electrician more suitable for young, active and daring girls who are not afraid to be the center of attention.

Where to wear a dress of electric blue?

To the question, where in this dress you can go, there is one answer – you can go anywhere. The main thing to choose the style and successfully combine with other clothes. Here are some tips stylists:

Dress electric blue (photo)

•Strict dress electric blue with a classic jacket is perfect for business meetings.

• As a business office wear, you can use a dress of electric blue, featuring a belt black or white.

•At a high society party will look great flowing dress of electric blue, enhanced by delicate clutch in the same bright fuchsia. In this outfit you will definitely be the center of attention.

•On the beach girl in a tunic of electric blue in combination with yellow shorts will cause a real furor.

Dress electric blue (photo)

What to wear with electric blue Board?

Before you combine the dress color electrician, with other clothes, you should consider that this color is Moody and he does not tolerate excesses. A large number of ornaments can spoil your appearance, turning you into a Christmas tree. This also applies to the choice of such a style of dress, accessories, shoes and handbags. Not the best option will complement dresses of electric blue causes massive jewelry, large bags or fur hats. Be careful, selecting this dress such a fashionable shoes with a variety of buckles, bows, ribbons and buckles. To dress of electric blue look as well, you need to keep a sense of proportion!

Dress electric blue (photo)

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