Dress bridesmaid

In that case, if among all the other girlfriends exactly you were chosen by the bride as a bridesmaid, then you definitely will need to think about what dress to choose for the outfit chief bridesmaid to look great on it.

First of all, you need to clearly understand the responsibility that lies on you and what are the main objectives of the bridesmaids.

You largely affect how the result will be a wedding celebration. There is no doubt that everyone involved in this event, but you will need most often to be with the bride, carrying out his orders and taking an active part in the wedding contests and games. And due to the fact that you will have to move a lot, your own dress should be not only beautiful, but also quite comfortable and not inhibit movement.

Also you must take care of is to have your own outfit in any case were not the coolest outfit of the main culprits of the upcoming celebration, but he doesn’t have to be boring and gray. Therefore, the choice of your outfit depends entirely on the choice of wedding bridesmaid dresses, that is exactly her dress will determine the length, texture and style of your dress. Be sure to consult with the bride when choosing dresses because she can obviously do care, in that be dressed the main girlfriend.

Also pay attention to your chosen outfit, you can successfully use in the future, and repeatedly. These are festive dresses are quite expensive, and if you do not have sufficient funds, will be much more logical to take the dress rental choice in this case will be much wider.

Also about the choice of attire will need to consult with other invited guests and to learn a lot of what you’re going to dress them. The most elegant and attractive figure as a must on the wedding should be the bride. At the same time, her friends with their outfits play the role of additional decorations of the celebration, and that’s why all the outfits in advance is required to discuss and think about.

Very well if all the bridesmaids choose a dress in the same style. For color dresses girlfriends will be the best option light green, yellow, pink, silver and purple shades, as well as fuchsia and lavender. At the same time the choice of color depends on what shade of these suits you best.

It is also possible to dress in moderation is embellished with different sequins, rhinestones and flowers, but do not overdo it, otherwise the glitter to your outfit you outshine the brilliance of the bride dresses. All your chosen decorations should fit harmoniously into your own image. Beware to wear a white dress and gloves, otherwise your image will be a copy of the image of the bride.

The bridesmaid’s dress – fabric and embellishment

To make your dress look very elegant and at the same time, it could be used in the future, you must first choose the quality of the fabric and its color.

In that case, if you choose cheap fabric, even the most original and quirky design style the result will not look quite beautiful. Very well in this case, suitable fabrics such as satin, silk, taffeta, transparent and light chiffon. In that case, if your chosen style of dress, made of such fabrics, it is simple, the dress would still look wonderful. Additional decoration for this dress can serve as ruffles and draping, and ruffles and ruffles.

Also as jewelry for a bridesmaid dress you can use flowers, embroidery and bows. Very fashionable look asymmetrical accents the neckline, hem dresses, draping, and also if it will have one strap or sleeve. If you choose a skirt, it is better to opt for a layered and flared models, and skirts in a Tulip shaped or balloon.

The bridesmaid’s dress – color

The color of the dress such not necessarily have to be monochromatic. Quite original will look dress, contains two or three colors. In that case, if you look wonderful in the black outfits, the best choice would be a fitted silhouette with open shoulders, and to decorate such a dress will be an original brooch or belt. At the same time, it is understood that the black color is not good for such events and should avoid very short dresses or dresses that have too deep a neckline.

By the way, how the attire of the bridesmaids can be selected not only dress, but also a combination of skirts and blouses or pant suits. The main condition is the appropriateness of the chosen outfit.

As a rule, after the registration in the registry office most of today’s newlyweds go to the wedding in the Church. In this case, pant suits are not suitable and one should be concerned about the headdress. All the highlights of this celebration will remain not only in your memory, but also on the wedding photos. So be sure to read the entire script of the upcoming day, in order not to be embarrassed.

And last: do not forget to apply the right makeup that should be natural and soft. Remember that your main task — to emphasize the beautiful image of the bride, becoming one of the best decorations.

And don’t leave your good mood!

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