Does my baby need to wear shoes at home or better to go barefoot?

Does my baby need to wear shoes at home or better to go barefoot?

Often young mothers, there is a difficult question, does my baby need to wear shoes at homewhether it is useful for health.

The reasons for home wear baby shoes

The formation of the foot arch occurs before 5 years of age. During this period of time, walking barefoot, kids often manage to spoil your feet. The risk group includes children who are prone to various diseases (e.g., dysplastic syndrome). These children need to be mandatory to run in the shoes at home and on the street. You should not store shoes in the winter in anticipation of summer. A child suffering from acquired or congenital deformities of the feet and musculoskeletal system needs to go home in Slippers.

At the beginning of his development of the arch of the foot of the child is quite flat, and then becomes convex. When the baby begins to walk vigorously, and ankle strengthening. To better work the muscles of the feet podiatrists suggest to buy baby shoes with semi-rigid soles.

For proper formation of the foot babies diagnosed with congenital flat feet, should be after 8 years to wear arch support (a special chip).

Whether you want a normal child at home to wear shoes?

Baby even in the first year of his life you should not wear soft boots or shoes (with the exception of the floors are too cold in the apartment). It is not recommended to wear soft boots, gym shoes, etc.

Does my baby need to wear shoes if he’s healthy. The baby learned to stand and walk, it’s very valuable to go without shoes, within the enabling conditions. Walking on uneven or rough surface develops and strengthens the muscles of the legs.

If the baby always goes only on a smooth surface and shod correctly in the purchased shoes, the muscles of his legs are relaxed and can develop a transverse flat feet. This disease occurs also when worn improperly selected footwear. To protect the child from such strain, he needed more time to walk without shoes on a rough surface. In warm weather the child can walk barefoot on grass, sand or pebbles (in the garden, on the beach), on the surfaces that adjust to the arch of the foot.

Of course, if a child walks in the cool weather on asphalt or other dangerous surface, it should be shod. The product provides some protection.

Children’s shoes should not be on the smooth sole that will not work all the ligaments and muscles of the foot. Socks and shoes should not be close to the toes is not buckled. Shoes of a small child must have the item (strap, lace), which locks the foot to the sole.

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