CV Cover – brand for the mass market

CV Cover – brand for the mass market

To provide the wider population with high quality, but cheap shoes is a priority for Russian companies CV Cover. Its customers with a medium level of income do not buy expensive branded products. Russian brand skillfully cope with the queries, the number of buyers grows. About half a million pairs of shoes annually at the enterprises in Russia and Europe.

Brand CV Cover: the fall and rise of reputation

At the beginning of the two thousandth, the Russian market was full of pseudo-imported brands with a sonorous Italian, German, and English names. In fact, all products made in China, and no different quality. On the crest of a wave was young and firm CV Cover. After a series of revelatory articles in the press all collapsed overnight.

It was necessary to return the reputation of a reliable brand. Company executives refused services in China, declaring it the new slogans like «100% Vivacity – 0% Made in China». The European partners ‘ support has not kept itself waiting.

1. Spanish Lancaster presented a natural material – beautiful skin samples.

2. Production equipment came from Molina E Bianchi.

3. Italian shoemakers helped with advertising.

4. Angelo trenčín, a designer, working with Prada and Cavalli, offered his services in creating a new Shoe collection.

The brand was revived back in the world of fashion is a full partner in producing quality and stylish shoes.

CV Cover – a new round of development

A wide range and enviable size range, original design and elegance models, the line Comfort with its neat tailoring and long wearability of the products launched in the face of buyer to the brand. All this with careful audit of each link in the production.

To expand the market, was introduced the franchising program to attract partners. Dramatically increased the number of products that are produced for the mass market.

At a new stage of brand development CV Cover not only new models, but the improvement of materials, the innovative technology. It is the merit of his workers, from Directors to artists, producers. Their coordinated work ensures the stability of the Russian brand.

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