Creepery represent the shoes on a solid sole, whose height is 10cm. First, these shoes gained popularity in mid-century British boys. Then the girls looked at kriparam. Well, today, cripers climbed to the peak of popularity.

Prada and Chanel are the most famous producers of this bold Shoe. They release the entire collection kapersov. Earlier such shoes were allowed to wear the grunge subculture, and today this shoes are allowed and available for everyone.

Very important, especially for girls, cripers fit to any clothing. The most common outfit is crepery with jeans, tapered pants, short shorts or breeches.

More fragile girl combine this Shoe with denim skirts. Especially crepery looks great in combination with the lush and kleshenyh skirts. Eccentric personality combine crepery evening dresses and gowns.

As for clothes above the waist, you can include it in any imagination, as crepery combine with jackets, and with jackets and coats. In addition, cripers worn with a sock, and bare leg.

If you have previously crepery produced only standard colors: brown, white and black, now you can buy pink and bright yellow and red, and mint color. Buying vivid shoes, every girl feels more spectacular and attractive.

This shoes is very comfortable and so it is worth a look. If you haven’t decided to buy them, it does not mean that you will soon change your mind.

Below in the photo gallery you will see creepery :

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