Corduroy skirt – material properties

Skirt corduroy is very convenient, so many people have them in their wardrobe. Corduroy skirt always look modern, are well combined with blouses and t-shirts for almost any occasion.

Take care of corduroy skirt is easy, it tolerates hand wash in warm water, but to wash it carefully, do not RUB and do not twist, not to deform. Dry it flat, not twisting. To iron the skirt need not wait for complete drying. Better even to steam, the pile fabric extends, and the thing looks like new.

The velvet — material is not new, probably you already have or have had pieces of this wonderful fabric with longitudinal ribs of cotton cotton. Corduroy doesn’t crease, therefore, of the skirt of him especially popular. The fabric is quite dense, but soft, wear it very nice. Corduroy skirts created just for you to wear them in the offseason, when the cool summer clothes and warm winter — hot. But despite the density, corduroy is warm enough.

The modern textile industry produces corduroy various colors and patterns. But most often used a plain fabric. This is not surprising because the corduroy itself is very beautiful. Pile scars can be of different width, pile height also varies. Therefore, the fabric may look more or less voluminous, although corduroy is produced from quite fine yarn.

Wearing a corduroy skirt can be long enough, but over time, the lint wiped off and may appear characteristic spots. However, hardly anyone expects to wear one thing over the years, and some seasons it will last you.

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