Colors for redheads

Women with red hair color at all times was considered mysterious and attractive, and when you look at ryukoku beauty trembled not one man’s heart. With regard to the ideal of female beauty, the position of ladies with hair colour in different ages was completely unpredictable. They were considered the Acme of perfection, it was out of the podium. The most fond of them during the Renaissance – remember the famous paintings of artists.

However, loved RegCure in the past century, 40 years. The most popular was the popular star of the times – Rita Hayworth, which I remember now.

Colors for redheads

Today bright red hair popular again, and many persons of the fair sex in no hurry to dye my hair one of these colors. They want a sense of novelty, sensuality and passion, which gives this color. And I have to say, their expectations are more than justified. And ryukoku women come in almost all colors, and look cute with that hair color very simple. Well, now let’s talk more about what shades of the color palette successfully emphasize the fiery hair color.

– Green leader to red flowers. And contrast beautifully with the hair of all its tones and malachite, and green, and a deep lush green color.

Blue, especially the so-called deep «Royal! the redhead looks at the time is no worse than blondes. In this dress she really looks like a Queen or at least Princess. However, all the other shades of blue (bright turquoise, soft blue, soft denim, rich dark blue) such person is also to face, emphasizing the strange shade of her Sunny hair.

Warm shades close to the color of your hair, also look good. For example, all shades of orange – in this case, pay attention to trendy brick color. Yellow and red colors too. Just don’t dress too bright red clothing, that’s somewhat hurts my eyes, and you will look stunning. Let it be a slightly muted red color. But with orange and yellow, all restrictions are removed – you can choose anything you like bright shades.

And a lot of other colors will also work, just try to choose shades of warm and bright options. Redhead woman nice and brown and cream and beige, gray or white outfits. In General, we can say that almost the entire color palette at your disposal, except for a few colors — about them further.

But: it is better not to wear black. However, not only black – a dark and sad color is definitely not for you. Luxury hair bright colors will be wrong with them to be combined. So do not choose a Burgundy, purple, dirty brown, dark gray suits. And again, coral color, too, is unlikely. Here, perhaps, all restrictions on the colors that should be considered when choosing colors of their outfits. The rest is at your discretion.

Finally, one tip: colors in clothing and even pick the shade of hair. After all, carrot-red and dark brown is not one and the same.

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