Color underwear

When choosing your color of underwear , many women do not even think about what an important, though still complementary role it can play in creating them stylish, fashion and sexy look. In this regard, never forget that the role of underwear, going for his purchase.

Below, we provide recommendations that will help you when creating an image using the optimum combinations of color of underwear and the color of hair and eyes and skin tone.

1. The color of the eyes.

Correctly chosen underwear will help you to emphasize the color and beauty of your own eyes.

For example, for blue and gray eyes, it is recommended to choose black, blue, white, blue and gray underwear.

The beauty of brown eyes is a good complement linen the following shades: classic black and white, but also cream, brown and ivory linen.

2. The color of the hair.

When thinking about choosing the color of underwear, in accordance with the color of the hair, in this matter, no specific restrictions exist. And at the same time should be afraid to use some combination. For example, for blondes is a very good fit linen black, but at the same time to buy such clothes, whose color is close to the shade of your own hair, it is not desirable.

Women with red hair should not wear such clothes, which will contrast with reference to the color of their hair, that is, linen Navy and other blue-green colors. Pretty good these girls would look underwear dark green and mossy shades.

3. The color of the skin.

Skin color plays a very important role in choosing the color of your underwear, and in this respect, the ideal choice would be a linen color which is close in tone, colour, and like linen will remain under light clothing almost invisible.

But if you pursue the goal of creating a more sensual image, you will need to pick up the linen in a contrasting color to the color of your skin, and therefore, for girls with fair skin fit black lingerie, well, respectively, for dark-skinned girls — linen white. But if any of these two types of girls will wear red underwear, it will be a wonderful decoration and that and the other.

If your appearance seems to be the type of «cold», then you need to choose blue, dark blue, turquoise and purple underwear, but for girls «warm» type perfect lingerie brick, orange, yellow and green colors.

What can tell the color of the underwear?

Any girl who buys for body linen, is not only practical, but also confident and quite relaxed, but at the same time it is simple and when decisions are carefully considering.

Choose red, yellow and orange shades of underwear girls are energetic, enthusiastic and bright personalities.

Separately must be said about all like red. It is considered that such girls are very interesting, immodest, and prone to sudden and frequent changes of mood.

Linen pink color buy myself a sensual, romantic and tender woman, and each of them in the shower to ensure she was protected and nurtured.

Black linen prefer a bright, passionate and imperious nature, easily strong sense and is able to charm men.

Wear the white linen girls are conservative, reserved and naive, but if their life path will be a powerful choice, they both may in the end be decided on a very risky behavior.

Below in the photo gallery you will see what color underwear you should choose :

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