Cocktail dresses

Cocktail dresses – attire, which must have each of the fair sex. Throughout life we go to prom, weddings, parties and other special events. These cases need a dress on the way out. Beautiful evening dress will be the perfect base for creating a festive look that will complement a perfect makeup, hairstyle and accessories. «Fashion» will tell you how to choose an elegant dress on the way out.

Choose a dress on an evening out

Evening dresses come in different style, cut and length. Any girl can choose to dress like. Or will it be a long dress or knee length, it will be fully closed or open back, a fitted or loose cut. Dress on an evening out sew from different fabrics such as silk, chiffon, satin, and lace fabric.

As with any outfit, cocktail dresses choose, considering few important points, one of which the figure and the occasion for which you intend to wear.

Evening dress is one of the few items of clothing that are not too often. Besides this outfit is not cheap, so his choice should be approached very carefully and seriously. Ordinary average woman, not often attends ceremonial events, often do not have this dress or owns one multifunctional evening dress.

One beautiful dress to any output

In that case, if you can only afford one evening dress, you should use a few recommendations. Do not experiment with the style, so it’s best to purchase a dress of classic style. It is suitable for any celebration. In addition you should not take the dress «flashy colors, better to stay on restrained. The top you can choose according to your taste – with straps or without. Dresses, bustier-style fit for all women with different figures.

The main requirement to the dress – the quality of the work, because this outfit will have you perfectly. Otherwise, all flaws are clearly visible.

Traditional in this case, it can be a classic little black dress. This outfit will be appropriate in any event for the restaurant, theater and parties.

Fashionable cocktail dresses

If you want to look not only perfectly beautiful but also trend, you should know some rules of fashion evening outfits. For example, dresses with open shoulders can be worn only in the evening, after 19 hours, but the outfit with an open bust after only 20 hours. Dress with deep neckline should appear after 22 hours.

It should be remembered that cocktail dresses should not be too exposed, otherwise it will look vulgar. The outfit needs to be balanced. If the shoulders are opened, then the length of the dress should be the maximum. But a short evening attire is appropriate discreet top.

Beautiful dress on the way out on the figure

In addition to other parameters, cocktail dresses you can choose according to the figure, if she’s pretty and slim. To highlight the body shape will help dresses with asymmetrical skirt and halter neckline. In this case, the skirt will accentuate the hips, and the neckline will draw attention to your chest.

In that case, if the figure is lush, and you want to hide, want to choose outfits with high waist and loose cut. This style of dress is eye-catching will hide the tummy and hips.

With full hands, it is recommended to choose dresses with long sleeves or sleeves.

For women of small stature is recommended to wear dresses of light, airy fabrics. Waist in such outfits should be too high, and the skirt length to the knee. The perfect finish will be shoes high heels.

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