Clutch bags: a big story of a little handbag

Probably every woman could appreciate such a small, elegant and indispensable accessory, like a clutch. Without it can not do any one party, because it is an integral part of dress and image. The clutch will cause not smaller interest, as if You were wearing the original ring or necklace. After all, he always not only comfortable, interesting and stylish, in the opinion of all women.

Handbags, almost any size and shape as the current clutches, became known in the 16th century and was to store money. Over time, women began to put other, necessary things – a mirror, a ring, letters, etc. At the same time women tried to make as original and attractive appearance of the subject. The bags sewed or knitted of various materials.

Fantasy women amazed! In addition to tissue and skin, was invented and knitted, braided, embroidered lace, velvet, beads and beaded products.

This accessory was released after the French revolution in the late 18th century, getting more and more popular. Already in 1804 to carry the bag in his hands, was considered good ton. Such products are called «Reticuli», which translates as the braided bag, but in France, this accessory sounds like «funny» and «ridiculous».

When the handbag became known as the clutch, it is not known exactly, but in English it means «to miss», which is understandable, because the clutches have no handles or straps. Earlier they were worn on the finger or in the hand, and at the end of the 19th century, the subject began to wear on the shoulder. At the same time on the bags appeared and castles.

The most popular clutch purchased in the late 20-ies of the 20th century. Rumor has it that this unique model at a reception the Duke of Westminster gave Chanel. It is, of course, began to frequently carry it with you, what gave rise to the boom of emulation among the other women.

However, the heyday of clutch came in the post-war years. Thanks to Christian Dior when he showed it to his collection of clothes, then handbag has become a classic. None of the fashion show didn’t come without it now, and, of course, all the most famous designers «put» his hand to the creation of new models of clutches, which gradually turned into true works of art.

And now, no woman without him now can not imagine my life.

Of course, the modern clutch is not so bag-wallet, now it can be not only flat, but also three-dimensional, also different bright colors, with straps-bracelets, long belts or removable chains, in General, for every taste.

Now ,in addition to the classical form, in the form of a rectangle , stitched clutches also wallets and trapezoids, using different materials (beads, appliques, pearls, metal, stones, fringe, fur).

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