Clothing for large Breasts

Slim and modest girl, ample Breasts, consider the limit of your desires. At the same time as girls, the breast of which is greater than the third dimension, very difficult to pick up clothes for themselves. And it seems that it is improbable, but in fact every second beauty with big charms only dreams about how a little to reduce their «benefits». Especially, this problem becomes relevant with the advent of summer. And in this case become popular services of fashion stylists.

Clothing for large Breasts


All the items of the lower toilet, which during the winter is worn and stretched, you will need to throw it away without regret. In the summer you need to wear summer. The bra is chosen strictly by chest size, the shoulder straps should be wide enough and cups — the most elastic and smooth.

Perfectly designed bustier will be only after many trying. Its main task will be not so much to cover bigger Breasts, how to support it.


Must be supportive and modest. These are the two main concepts in the choice of swimsuit for big-breasted beauties.

Pretty good your shapes will look solid in a sporty swimsuit model with V-neck. The straps of this swimsuit must be either crisscrossed or straight wide.

In that case, if you choose separate swimsuit model, she must meet the following requirements: straps should be straight and wide, and Cup the top of the swimsuit video. The whole costume does not require delicate folds and Drapes, they will spoil the appearance of your wonderful figure.

Can not spoil the overall impression of your image of the plastic tee, the best way fix your chest. At the same time porolonovye lining, are present in many models and give additional space, you will be banned.

Also make sure to size the bottoms did not affect thrown your way impression. Color the top and bottom separate swimsuit may differ, but the best option is a combination of these colors.


Don’t forget that the thinner strap will be worn on your shirt, the more it would seem your already considerable chest. In your case, you need to opt for the tops of thick tights or silk binding with wide straps. Clothing should be well fit the body shape, it doesn’t have much to fit your Breasts and at the same time be and not very spacious. Look for models with built-in cups.

Blouses and t-shirts

Your figure will make you look very appetizing in the things with V-neck. Due to this cut visually stretches the length of your torso and at the same time, the breast volume is visually reduced. Focus the attention of the opposite sex attractive hollow and you will always remain in the center of their attention.

Also good for large Breasts will look and clothing with U-neck. But such clothing is obligatory before buying to try on.

Don’t forget that any kind of horizontal cutouts will help to visually reduce breast size. Good and advantageous will look at the ample bosom of a deep cutout in the shape of a circle or oval

Still pay attention on something that is very trendy this season tights, decorated with a vibrant print, all owners of large breast size to be worn is contraindicated. You need to pick out something solid, otherwise your Breasts will appear even bigger than it is actually.


Bust big size very attractive make soft flowing fabrics, diverting attention from the others. The shape of the cut must be exactly the same as in the case of shirts and blouses. Consider the simple dress straight cut, not worth buying the models, draped bows and also frills and various clamps.

Avoid buying dresses with sleeve type «bat» and narrow sleeves, you are better suited somewhere in the middle. A small shoulder can be quite good zoom with shoulder pads.

In any case, do not wear white, it will increase bust size. The summer freshness of a silhouette you can achieve a creamy, light lilac, light green and beige colors. A deficiency of white color can be easily compensated by appropriate selection of shoes and various accessories.

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