Clothes for fat girls

The fashion clothing industry is growing rapidly in the market, including the domestic, a lot of clothing from famous designers and not so good. The variety is amazing and every woman regardless of height, weight and build can pick up many sets of beautiful clothes. After all, nothing so adorns the fair sex, as a fashionable and beautiful garment, flatters its owner.

Some difficulties when choosing clothes still feel girl – owner of lush, rounded shapes. It is necessary to choose not only a beautiful dress, but the style that correct figure flaws and emphasize its advantages, creating an image of a slim person. To be able to create such a light subtle strokes and present the merits of his figures is an art that must be comprehended by every woman.

The art of creating clothes for women with curvaceous

To understand art you need with the most basics of basics when choosing clothes. Despite the body type, shape, height a woman needs to understand that buying clothes should primarily be guided by the fact that the entire generated image should be in harmony with the appearance, character, style and even mood. The main rule is to create harmony to every detail is not only combined with other elements of clothing, but also stressed that the mood that you want to Express, dressed that way. And it is not necessary to proceed from the price tag or brand wearing on you clothes. After all, you can dress and diamonds, which absolutely will not look good with the overall ensemble.

Not have to visit the consultation, a stylist to master the art of beautiful dress. You need to learn a few rules, and you yourself will be the best stylist.

First of all, every woman should understand what her body type. Knowing your figure type, is not difficult to learn the rules of choosing your wardrobe.

Type of shape «pear-shaped»

The name of this body type was due to the resemblance to a pear. The owners of this type of figure the upper part is slightly elongated, sloping shoulders and wide hips. Breast size usually small, while the waistline is pronounced. Women of this type ought to choose clothes that conceal wide hips. Very well suited poluprilegayuschy clothing.

Perfect fit, look and skirts trapezoidal shape just below the knees. Most importantly, you must note that the skirt needs to be or kreena on the bias or sewn entirely of wedges. Such cut of the skirt reduces the size of the hips and creates a slimmer look. Color should choose dark colors.

Tight skirt, can be worn. But it is necessary to take into account that not concealing the function will perform the top. Therefore, with the skirt to wear with long tunics, long vests or cardigans. But it is worth to approach such a purchase with extreme caution and care.

Pants and jeans should buy a classic style with a straight cut. The best option is, of course, the classic pantsuit. But the suit jacket needs to be extended adjacent to the figure and defines the waist. Wide leg pants do not wear, as they hide the waist visually adds the excess pounds. Short pants, open wide hips.

Thus it is necessary to choose the right and the color scheme of the costume. It is best to opt for gray, black and dark blue colors.

When buying jeans, you should prefer dark colors. Wearing jeans also should be extended, slinky top or tunic. The length of the top should not be longer than mid-thigh. Color outer clothing should contrast with the bottom, that is to be light and calm pastel shades.

Buying a dress, pay special attention to the neckline. Because the focus should be on the top, distracting from the hips. There are a huge number of options from round V-shaped neckline to dresses with straps or one shoulder.

The type of shape «Apple»

As probably already clear from the title the name of this type of figure was derived from the name of the fruit Apple. And all because of the analogy with the Apple waist, hips and chest are almost the same volume without visible gradients. As a rule, this phenomenon is not always purely «natural», and the type of figure becomes such a shape when a girl or woman is really obese.

The owners of type shape Apple must skillfully set accents or to highlight the slender legs, or focus on the level of the neckline. In addition, you must observe many nuances to visually look taller and slimmer. Perfectly help to cope with these things in a vertical shelf. Very well in this type of shape suitable clothes with a high waistline.

Accessories you should choose carefully as the wrong choice of beads or pendants can ruin the whole harmonious image. Baggy clothes to wear is absolutely contraindicated.

Do not wear narrow or mini-skirts with a low waistline. It is recommended to stop the choice on the sheath dress with V neckline, sleeveless and high waist. Blouses and various tops, you need to choose the ones to accentuate the bust line.

Type of shape «rectangle»

When the line of the chest, waist and hips are at the same level, sometimes especially plump girls creates the impression of a rectangle. The pattern is simple, the fatter the girl, the more her figure resembles a sort of rectangle. Because of extra weight hides the transition from breast to waist and hips, giving the impression that between the parts of the body no visible difference.

Tops, blouses are recommended to be worn fitted and not below the waist. Thus the main emphasis should be placed on the face, hands and the neckline. Is the best fit wedge cut or drape.

It is better to choose skirts, a-line skirt, circle skirt or pencil skirt. Additionally, you should consider that line the waist of the skirts should not be underestimated. Perfectly to combine these skirts with short jackets, jackets with a button. This would create a visual transition contours from bust to contoured waist line.

Type of shape «hourglass»

This type of piece is very good, but with this type of shape you need to be careful when choosing clothes to the silhouette were harmonious. The main thing is not to overload the image with lots of details and accents, you can simply accentuate the waist. You can also follow the same rules as for the type of figure «pear». You should not focus on the hips and neck. Should not wear blouses or tops with a deep neckline. Patch pockets on pants, coats and jackets should be avoided.

By following these simple rules, you will easily achieve the desired result and will always be adorable.

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