Closet to a custom shape.

One of the major problems full of women, it is not their completeness, as strange as it was, and the inability to be attractive, with the physique that was given to them by nature. The main error is «balahonistyh» things that primarily cover not body, a bunch created to itself complexes.

The market elegant and beautiful clothes at this time as for the most charming «beauties», you can be sure to find the closet not only on size but also on the criteria of style, comfort and femininity, and believe that such clothing exists!

Closet to a custom shape.

Of course that is the thing, should give its owner the confidence and skill to mask that her mistress considers it his fault.

You previously shunned-fitting jeans and pants? Useless, complete with extra-long blouses and sweaters, you will look gorgeous. It is also recommended layering clothing, mix and match, don’t be afraid to experiment!

Closet to a custom shape.

In every woman, there is the nature of sexuality, and its existence does not depend on your weight, it is not necessary to «turn off» her colourless tones and shapeless clothes. Bright blouses and shirts — you absolutely contraindicated in bright colors, they do not increase volume, despite multiple thoughts. The same rule also applies to some large prints on fabric, such as a large pea.

Unbuttoned a couple of buttons on your blouse, Maxi skirt with slit are on the sides of this Flirty flared trousers. U-neck blouse will accentuate the sexuality of the chest will give a touch of femininity. Long jacket complete with pants will add visual harmony.

A small trick: combine dark bottom and bright top, the difference in the colors of «delaying» the attention of the physique, your figure, the General background of clothes.

Closet to a custom shape.

Do not try to catch up with the rapidly changing fashion trends, your niche is a classic. The basic rules of your clothes — it’s elegance, simplicity and good fit.

The difficulties that feel full women do not in choosing the right clothes, and the prejudice with which they surround themselves and believe in them. The main rule is that the thing should be to face you, you need to feel confident and elegant. If you are dressed according to the rules of style and taste, does not matter you are thin or full.

Closet to a custom shape.

Clothing is a weapon in the struggle with our complexes only have to be able to use it correctly given our features and you will be «on top». Admiring glances of men, this is not a tribute to the natural beauty of women, this tribute to stylish and confident ladies.

Remember, YOU are individual and unique.

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