Claudia Schiffer uhajivat Arabian Prince

One of the most beautiful women in the world, Claudia Schiffer unusual proposal was made by an Arab Prince willing to pay her a million pounds, so she agreed to dinner with him.

Claudia was shocked at the suggestion, considering this case is one of the strangest in her life: «I had an odd incident. One Arab Prince invited me to dinner in exchange for 1 million pounds. I refused, but another supermodel happily agreed,» he told Schieffer in an interview. «Not everything in life can be bought for money. More important to me that I can safely walk down the street, not ashamed of what I do.»

This case resembles the plot of the movie «Indecent proposal», where the hero offers the heroine to spend the night with him in exchange for $ 1 million. But, unlike the plot of the film, Claudia has refused this proposal.

Claudia Schiffer uhajivat Arabian Prince

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