Christmas outfits and dress decoration

If you didn’t think about the choice of Christmas attire, it is not necessary to rush headlong to buy whatever was the new thing. Such haste will not eventually bring you satisfaction, but it is also likely that will prove to be a bad purchase.

First of all do not panic, and carefully inspect your own closet. Pull out of your wardrobe your bags and place them so that you could try to combine them together, and in a way you never thought you’d do. And it is likely that you will be able to create a completely new and unique ensemble. And if you do not come to mind, try to remember what are now considered to be very relevant colors.

And it’s not just floral prints, but the floral lace and embroidery, and flowers made from fabric, made with his own hands. This can be a big rose or a peony, as well as the original fantasy flower. No less will look great and a small bouquet of lilies of the valley or violets, which will be a great addition to any outfit and dresses, even though they will not be new.

Therefore, I advise you to look at your own wardrobe and you will definitely be able to find it in this outfit, which will emphasize the beauty of your own eyes and also to focus the attention on beautiful Breasts or legs, the neck or the slim waist. This outfit will look even more beautiful after the flowers decoration.

The bow in the form of jewelry

In the 60-ies of the last century a globally recognized fashion icon was Jacqueline Kennedy, who prefer to decorate their gowns with just one bow, which she secured at the waist or shoulder. It bows and flowers — the first thing that comes to mind when you need to decorate your own outfit.

If your age is quite young, as the poet said, the morning rose may decorate and Rosa. Successfully your chosen finish will help to transform any, even the most nondescript dress. Surely when you view your own wardrobe you’ll find the dress or slim-fitting jumper with a neckline that you can decorate with beads or sequins along the edge of the neckline and sew it to the trim of feathers or fine fur stripes.

By the way, smooth plain trousers can also be decorated using sequins in tone at the bottom edge, or side seams. In that case, if you find in the wardrobe of a blouse or dress with a large floral print that means these flowers you can decorate with beads, bugles or spangles, and your dress will Shine with a completely new paint.

In that case, if you can sew, it is very good. You surely have a bunch of proven ready-made patterns. At the same time, there is no need to choose too complex model. You will be nervous and in a hurry, and so easy to make a mistake and ruin the fabric, so — and mood.

Try to choose the original simple style, but at the same time, when choosing fabrics, stay in expensive fabrics. Very good for this sort of event will suit fabric with steel silver undertones and metallic effect.

Christmas outfits and fur

In that case, if your new year’s outfit has no sleeves, its quite impressive you can decorate with lace capes or fur tippet, also suitable and fashionable scarf.

A variety of fur allows a woman to impress and surprise with their original images. Some of the accessories, such as capes, stoles, lace handkerchiefs and fans have their own language that allows you to Express your emotions and feelings, and with their help, you pretty well will be able to Express their own desires. It is clear to everyone that dropped on his shoulders the cloak speaks of a certain sympathy of this face, at the same time as the same cloak, but densely smelled, discourage any desire to communicate with this woman.

If you choose a luxury stole made of mink fur, it will be in addition to emphasize your great taste and style. Also the fur will be able to you if necessary and warm. And if you are a shy and timid girl, draped over the shoulders tippet will always help you to take your own hands.

Use combination of evening dresses and fur products, do not forget also about jewelry. Again, you in all to turn on your imagination. If you want to achieve similarity with the snow Queen, and at the same time, pay attention to the beauty of your own eyes, the decoration will be most welcome. Again understand that they must harmoniously complement the image you created, so do not wear too many ornaments.

Better stop your choice on one thing, but stunning, this will not overshadow your look and personality the beauty and luster of luxury. It is also worth remembering and that your good mood and a smile is the best ornament, and the upcoming new year’s holiday gives you space for experimentation and imagination.

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