Christmas costumes for girls – 2017

Christmas costumes for girls – 2017

With the approaching magical holiday New Year all parents will think about Christmas costume for your child.

The tradition of dressing up in costumes for the New year came to us from the fifteenth century, when it was popular costumes of the Ancient Gods. This tradition originates from the Italian suits, and until the seventeenth century it had spread to Europe.

In the eighteenth century many costumes already expanded, and you can already meet the costumes of Harlequins, clowns and other characters of a Comedy Del Arte.

In the nineteenth century they were joined by images of mermaids and other fairy-tales and costumes of brave knights.

In the Soviet period costumes began to decorate the little ones. Animals, cartoon characters, princesses and other costumes were very popular and remain popular to this day.

In the world of fashion, many ideas and options of different fancy dress costumes, so find the right you will have no difficulty.

Christmas costumes for the little ones

Perhaps kids who have just started to explore the world, do not even remember what suit they celebrate the New year, but they will remember the joyful experience that accompanied them and, of course, gorgeous pictures, which he is sure to be admire when they grow up. So you should spend some money and effort to find a suitable Christmas costume.

Most little girls will fit a Bunny costume in a jumpsuit. Baby is sure to be fun in this soft and comfortable suit. Variants of this costume are numerous: it can be white, gray, and even pink Bunny.

Also, the Romper can be made in the form of any other animal such as a kitten, a dog or a small lion. And may you enjoy the beautiful birds of Paradise costume.

You can dress up your baby in the costume of an angel with delicate wings. You can buy them or make your own.

Girls who are not yet able to walk can offer a little mermaid costume. After all, this little girls tail is not able to prevent.

Christmas costumes for girls up to 5 years

For girls of this age there is a huge selection of Christmas costumes.

Usually children of this age go to kindergarten, so they definitely need a costume for a celebration. A wonderful choice will be the Snowflake that parents can either buy in store or make your own.

Another excellent option costume for girls will suit the granddaughter of Grandfather Frost, snow Maiden. This outfit can be in shades of blue with a brilliant décor. You can buy a standard coat of the snow Maiden, and you can do it yourself.

Also at this age you can use and animal costumes. Will look great costume squirrels, mice, chicken or bees.

Original will look like costume candy which will love your little sweet tooth.

And, of course, one of the most popular is a suit tree with feathery green branches. Usually this outfit has a kind of layered Quinceanera dresses, which is decorated with various toys and a tall sharp hat.

Christmas costumes for girls up to 12 years

Girls this age are already beginning to appear feminine, so their costumes need to decorate with various decorative elements.

A wonderful choice for girls of this age will be a costume stars. Golden Quinceanera dress, embellished with large rhinestones that will not leave anyone indifferent. Can be made of such suit and silver dress will need to complement silver shoes.

Also a very good option could be a fairy costume. Fairies can be very different, so to find out which likes your girl.

Christmas costumes for girls – 2017

Also often used in Christmas costumes image of Cinderella. You can choose a suit as a poor Cinderella, and Zoloshki Princess you want to dress in shoes that are similar to crystal.

Will look great suit Malvina. Girl in a beautiful blue dress and blue wig will not go unnoticed.

For naughty and fun girls will love the Pirate costume. Disheveled curls, a leather skirt or pants, loose shirts and such small details like the hat, eye patch, sword and other attributes of this warlike image.

Christmas costumes for teenage girls

Teens are very picky about their appearance, so choose a Christmas costume should be more careful. In this case one should take into account the taste of the little lady and listen to what costume she will choose.

Although lots of girls this age instead of a suit had just a beautiful evening dress.

However, if you want to give birth to a baby girl in a costume, there are also interesting options. For example, you can dream up on costumes of Disney characters.

Nice to look your girl in the costume of Bella, the heroine of «beauty and the Beast». Yellow Quinceanera dress and distinctive hairstyle will look simply adorable. You can also add to this image the symbol of the life force of the heroine – a big red rose.

For the swarthy, dark-haired girls will approach the Oriental costume Jasmine or Beauty Mulan.

And, of course, one of the most popular is a Snow white costume.

Many girls at this age love the image of Rapunzel, which is the best fit, long-haired blondes.

Costumes from scrap materials

Often for one reason or another people don’t buy ready-made costumes, and prefer to create their own from scrap materials.

From a small cut of the fabric and ornaments of the Christmas tinsel, you can build a snowflake or Christmas tree.

Very simple to create a costume of a mouse. Here should be only to build from cardboard or other stiff material ears and attach them to the Hoop for hair.

Can also create a dress in retro style with curvy dresses, necklaces, glasses and long gloves.

How to choose?

Choosing Christmas costume for your girls, you should take into account the tastes of his daughter, not to spoil a holiday to a child.

Be sure to pay attention to the size and style of the suit and pick it up on the size of your girls.


The most popular is the new year’s snow Maiden costume, which consists of a jacket and skirt that are decorated with blue decor on a white background, and also of the beautiful headdress.

Beautiful little malvinka will definitely attract the attention of any Christmas celebration. Blue dress and panties satin perfect match with blue curls.

What a holiday can do without the charming red riding hood. Great costume with a red Cape and a basket of cakes will leave all the lovely impression.

Perfect outfit for little girls will be the costume of a mouse. Cute ears are attached to the tail or the bezel, and the entire costume is made from a fuzzy material that simulates the fur of a mouse.

Beautifully will look like a fairy in a beautiful dress with a Cape made of chiffon.

Very original and looks spectacular peacock costume, manufactured, and different kinds of fabrics. Beautiful bright chiffon tail will be a real highlight of your look.

It will look like the image of the Snow Queen in the Quinceanera dress and silver crown. This costume is sure to appeal to any girl.

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