Christian Dior Handbags 2012

How did the collection.

The 2012 season the brand Christian Dior has marked a new impressive collection of handbags. This event took place thanks to the involvement of a new entity to the collection. Abstract artist from Germany Anselm Reyle applied his vision of the artist, and simple accessories become works of art.

What is in the collection.

The artist himself believes that the collection is managed, it looks modern and cheerful. When you create the collection used bright, shiny material. And the colors will not leave anyone indifferent: shades of blue, fiery red, blue, fashion green, pink. These colors are new and innovative. For those who prefer the classics, too, is something to see.

New collection bags used and conservative colors – brown and beige, as well as the natural color of the skin of reptiles. An important place is comfortable, spacious bags and small elegant purses, clutches and wallets. Manufacturers plan to sell handbags in the near future. But to buy them will be possible only in some boutiques of the company Dior.

What made the collection.

Dior is trying to use not only expensive leather, for example, the skin of reptiles and snakes. But normal skin that varies in texture and method of manufacture. That’s why some of the bags from the collection available to the common buyer. Not only leather is used to create the collection. Often used natural textiles and very good leather.

The format of the collection.

Despite the fact that the shapes of the bags from the new collection a classic look thanks to the design. Strict rectangle shape skradyvaetsya elegant accessories. Due to the non-standard approach to the treatment of the most ordinary handbags are becoming luxurious. For example: the usual bag beige linen is decorated with beads made of natural stone. Or plain white leatherette bag is complemented by a decoration of rhinestones, pearls.

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