Choose a mink coat

Your beautiful mink coat as long as possible to remain viable and attractive, follow our simple tips on how to choose and buy a genuine fur product.

A mink coat is too expensive, so you should not buy it in the market. Please only proven shops. In the latter case, you can be assured you sell a good, high-quality units manufactured that will serve you for years. To be precise, you can wear 10 years or more.

The team store is directly interested in the sale of quality of goods, because in this case it is highly likely that the buyer of a fur coat will become their regular customer. Loyal customers are always profitable store with their shopping they will bring him a steady income. Currently, the market for fur products is replete with a large assortment of various styles and the most daring and unexpected colors.

If you find it difficult to focus in this cycle, remember the cardinal rule: natural fur is very soft to the touch, its processing quality, it is smooth. If the touch causing a pleasant sensation, this means that the fur quality. Also you should check the hair breakage. To check this, run your hand against the grain. Brittle says that the fur is not natural.

If you have doubts about the quality of the product, it is better to abandon the purchase. Be sure to check the seams, removing the product inside out. Seams should be neat and should not pull the skin. After examining the coat and making sure high-quality tailoring, try to put it near the mirror. Advise not to rush and you look good, you are its color and style.

Now let’s discuss the issue of the price of a mink coat. It depends on the amount of money spent on skins. If it is sewn from whole skins, the cost will naturally be much more expensive than the coat of many different parts (about 30%). The quality of the product and in one and in other case is no different, provided that the pieces were properly treated and stitched. The coat of the pieces will not look worse, and in some cases better, as the designer in this case more opportunities to create the original model. Mink fur coat beautiful. It will not only warm your body, but also to please the soul.

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