Choose a handbag in spring and summer

A woman’s handbag is rightly perceived as a business card of her owner, she is able to emphasize the style and look of the woman almost flawlessly, but also can tell a lot about the secrets of her character.

Many ladies definitely wondered about which handbags will be in fashion this spring and summer, because I want to be prepared to meet the onset of the warm season head-on. And therefore not the superfluous will tell about fashion trends.

And because I love handbags, I try not to miss a single show of fashion designers. And recently I was able to attend one of these fashion shows, so I have something to tell you.

In the spring and summer of 2017 clothing, footwear and handbags will be possible to observe a real riot of colors. This means that a positive, good mood, beauty, glamor and glitter you definitely are guaranteed. If you like to be the center of attention, you should definitely buy a handbag saturated colors: red, green, blue, orange, purple, pink, blue or turquoise.

If monochromatic handbag for you would be to look boring, you can buy a bright colored purse, and may even be a classic (black-white, red-beige, etc.). The fashion bags Kelly Bag — this bag is a trapezoid with an accent on the clasp.

Such bags are very practical because they can complement virtually any outfit. But you can buy this product, which combines a bright and rich unusual colours that fill your life with new sensations, ideas, feelings. Bags are made of original materials, are complemented by a fashionable finish. Amoy is the time to wear colored bags, they can be combined with clothes, but in any case, with shoes.

Warm time of the year certainly calls to mind associations with the rest. The most interesting form of clutch in a fan can be found in the collections of Holly Fulton and l’wren Scott. Probably someone like have similar themes, and these bags will find their owners.

In turn, any romantic nature can pay attention to handbags with floral bouquets and ethnicity, while the passionate nature will not remain indifferent at the sight of leopard, snakeskin and Zebra color. It is quite clear that for example for office such a scenario would be unacceptable, but here on a romantic date, it will be difficult for him to find an equivalent replacement.

In addition to experiments with colors, designers offer to experiment with textures and hits of the spring and summer 2017 will be a combination of suede, leather, velvet, straw, textile and various manufacturing. And if you consider yourself a fashionista, you will need to purchase a handbag made of different materials.

In fashion and handbags handheld, and for an evening out in society, they are irreplaceable. Due to this handbags image of its owner becomes mysterious and magical. They can be of different shapes, medium or small size with metal clasp and rigid walls. And no need to buy a classic handbag color, it could be very bright.

To work you will need a bulk bag with short handles, in which you can place all necessary things. In this case, we will approach Tote bag — great bag for every day, which allows you to put in A4 size documents.

Medium sized handbag with a short handle, remain among the fashion trends, and this season they are supplemented with a plus various ornaments, allowing them to become not only convenient, but also incredibly beautiful. And so be sure you take a closer look to these models of bags, and maybe even buy. An example can be bags from Chanel and Giorgio Armani geometric shapes: rectangle, square and actual form of the season with a rectangular or trapezoidal with protruding corners.

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