Children’s shoes Belwest: production and design solutions

Children's shoes Belwest: production and design solutions

Children’s shoes Belwest, which is on the once joint with the German company, later became Belarusian-Russian, today, happy kids and their parents in the former Soviet space. Why shoes from the company Belwest so popular?

Production of children’s shoes Belwest

The production of this Shoe is in Belarus and also in China. It is worth noting that located in China, the factory produces shoes in strict accordance with Belarusian internal standards and, of course, by the license of the Vitebsk manufacturer.

Among other things, the company nearly three years to get accustomed to Chinese factories, while found acceptable in all respects to the company with due respect to the organization of production and product quality.

The production uses advanced process technologies and used process equipment, allowing to make high-quality shoes fairly quickly. Professionalism of employees is not satisfactory and constantly increasing.

Children’s shoes Belwest produced at the enterprises of the company, is durable, well balanced design and an affordable price. The materials for its production come from only the best and most environmentally resolved: that, for example, various types of leather, textile, synthetic materials for soles, a special harmless glue. And special pads in the shape of children’s feet, it enable you to get the very comfortable shoes.

Shoes Belwest for children: design decisions

The design of children’s footwear, as autumn-winter and spring-summer periods is getting better and advanced from year to year, from collection to collection. This became possible thanks to the creative work of a community of designers who are actively looking for new solutions and develop the design in close cooperation with technologists. Also in recent years to developing new products attracted professionals from Italy – designers of fashionable footwear.

These and other factors contributed to the fact that the products of the company Belwest today wins prestigious award and like many children and their parents.

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