Style Eva Mendes (photo)

World famous Hollywood actress Eva Mendes has long conquered the world not only for his stellar roles, but also impeccable taste. For its exquisite taste, the actress was awarded the title of «style Icon – 2013».

Eve just knows how to dress, it seems, a sense of style in her blood. Her images are always sexy, but not vulgar, elegant and bold at the same time. Today Mendes – happy mom (by the way, in great shape), popular and highly paid actress and designer. In addition, she has for many years been the face of cosmetic brand «Revlon».

The clothing line Eva Mendes is a reflection of her own style, as evidenced by the photo archives of the star. Her style is feminine outfits without strong contrast. Once told the actress, to see her in jeans only in one case if all her skirts will be in the wash. Eva really loves feminine dresses in the style of 50-ies. Not the last role she takes, and her hair, because the hair style must be perfect always, but if something is wrong, then Mendes ties the scarf in a turban.

So what is the secret of style star Eva Mendes?

The title of the sultry beauty Eva got a special rule that she always followed in her images is the rule of one accent. For example, if the actress opens legs, it does not highlight the chest, or Vice versa. One of her images: short straight dress, showing her slim legs, and otherwise excites the imagination. Your perfect figure, she is always emphasizing without vulgarity. So, the girl prefers fitted dresses with an emphasis on the waist with a massive belt that allows you to make images more feminine in addition to other style elements. For example, the Duo of white chocolate top and skirt Mendez turned by a belt on the straps, bags tonal points in retrodrive and headbands made of silk over a high beam.

In the images of Eva Mendes, there’s always room for some massive decorations. The wide bracelets, Hoop earrings, colorful cocktail rings. The actress has an extraordinary sense of proportion, so never overloads the images.

Star loves animal and floral prints. Tops, skirts, jumpsuits, and especially dresses are often decorated with flowers. In addition to flower print Eva often appears in black and white stripes and feminine peas. And as a designer she often appears in public in clothes from the collection New York&Company Eva Mendes Collection. According to the actress, the floral symbol of femininity and refinement. And not surprising, because they are now in the trend.

Mendes loves clothes of pastel colors and no wonder, because it is very suitable to her dark skin. While only ladies purchase dresses of such shades, the actress is already in trend clothes.

Another favorites girls – dress-shirt. They have long been felt strongly in her wardrobe. Despite the constancy of taste, the actress is always seen in shirts, dresses of fashionable styles and prints. A special place is occupied such dresses, feminine silhouettes, flared, with a shallow neckline and sleeves in three quarters. These styles advantageous to emphasize the Breasts, thighs, and legs.

Eva Mendes does not change his style even in everyday images. The actress is rarely seen in mini skirts, she loves dresses and MIDI skirt A-shaped silhouette of flowing fabric, which according to Mendez does not hinder movement. So, the girl easily with the help of a wide strap, contrasting colors and bright shoes to transform boring things interesting casual.

Star prefers lace dresses. She was sure that a little bit transparent dresses length below the knee secrete much more effective than a fitted mini.

When fashion Corporation New York&Company invited the actress to develop its clothing line, the presentation of Eva Mendes came in black and white attire own brand Eva Mendes. Designer collection is designed for women with any type of shape, the main feature is simplicity, femininity, sexuality and bright colors and interesting accessories.

If Eva Mendes chooses a lace dress, it must be dense lace. Such outfits should be only slightly transparent, which gives them a special mystery and catches the views.

Sunglasses – an essential accessory of the actress, which she is not only filming and social events. Casual images glasses are always present. The girl wears only those frames, which are, for example, large cat eye sunglasses or round shapes. The coloring of points can be varied. This classic horn, and a bright color or floral print.

Almost every image of Eva Mendes complemented by heels (compound Bionda Castana shoes, classic shoes medium heel, striking ankle boots on massive heels or beige wedge). The actress is rarely seen in flat shoes.

On the red carpet Eva Mendes shines a million times more, not yielding to anyone. Despite the fact that for such events, we have prepared a lot more, it is easily possible. One of my favorite Actresses of colors – white. This color is the most solemn. So, the actress gets to choose an outfit of white color with a pearly hue app in a luxurious neckline.

In an equally high esteem by Mendez and silver gloss. These clothes are always harmonious, because the star always knows how to not load the image with unnecessary glitter and details. For example, she can choose a sufficiently organic dress smoky hue with rhinestones.

Star can afford and unexpected colors of the outfit in yellow, red and pale lilac shades are simply divine on the actress.

Closet Eva Mendes is constantly updated, but its benefits remain unchanged – feminine dresses, heels and nice colors.

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