Casual fashion 2017

Manufacturers of clothes is very cleverly tailor product design to everyday fashion. And although we have heard is not so bright, interesting and unique designs of dresses, skirts, bags, shoes and other items still on it and fashion for every day. Its products should be more restrained and comfortable. It should not be evident, but it should be beautiful and original.

What is casual fashion?

These are the products that we wear every day and we have to be comfortable and convenient. You don’t have to feel awkward and sticks out too much. Choosing clothes for each day, it is important to consider what the weather is where you are going and will introduce you shocked everyone with his appearance.

One of the most popular women’s daily outfits: jeans, sweaters, tunics and dresses, shorts, jumpsuits, trousers, jackets, cardigans, skirts, pants, Capri pants, sporty and classic costumes; boots, sandals, ballet Slippers, shoes, coats, jackets, jackets, jackets, raincoats. That is what we are used to «carry» every day. What you can find in every woman’s wardrobe.

Of course, everyday fashion can be divided also on women, men and children, and the place of application at the office, sport and pleasure. Just to clarify why are we talking about casual office fashion? Because at work we spend most of my free time, and therefore the clothes we wear every day. So we allocated office fashion as a subcategory of everyday.

In addition to casual fashion is divided into warm, spring, autumn and summer clothes.

In short, this concept is quite broad and includes many categories. But we won’t focus on bags, shoes and accessories, as this topic has already other articles. Our task today is to consider everyday women’s clothing of 2017 as a whole and figure out what things are popular, fashionable and themselves socks in cold and warm season 2017.

Colors casual fashion 2017

Naturally, the most popular colors casual fashion (especially in the cold season) are black, grey, blue. Because in winter and autumn at least some detail of our toilet has one of these colors. This is the classic tone. They are always fashionable and from them, we will not hold your hand in a casual fashion 2017.

Besides fashion colors for winter 2017 in addition to these, also include coffee, beige, chocolate, caramel, sand, and Burgundy hues.

In warmer time, they added a white, pastel and bright colors. White is also a classic. This is a simple but at the same time beautiful color. It goes well with many colors, but also it is quite attractive. Primarily its purity.

Flight casual fashion 2017 includes pastel and bright outfits. Pastel is more acceptable for office and sports fashion, while bright – for pleasure. Although this is not always the case. After all, bright red or green blouse at the office and a pink tracksuit is also not less popular in the female circles.

As for the bright colors that are perfect for walking, here are blue, yellow, pink, blue and purple. Also very fashionable colors of the warm period of 2017 is the color of red wine and the color of an eggplant. Won the hearts of all fashionistas markelovy color.

As for the pastel shades, they never go out of fashion. They will help to create a soft and elegant look. But, combining them with rich colors, you can get a elegant and wonderful bright casual look.

Walking style 2017. Dresses and tunics

And so, we have determined that casual fashion 2017 can’t do without everyday things that we dress for a walk. What should be the things to going to the store or meeting friends over a Cup of tea in a cozy favourite cafe?

Favorite and purely feminine item of women’s wardrobe – a dress or a sundress.

Casual fashion 2017 will not be without this truly feminine details. We are sure now you cannot wait to hear about the summer dresses and tunics, which will be very fashionable in 2017. Won’t torture you with expectations and will start with the description of this trinkets summer wardrobe.

Designers in their collections preferred dresses sundresses length just below the knee. That is – it is a fashionable summer day dress of 2017 must be a MIDI length.

Although Maxi model below the ankle are not met very rarely.

Very short summer dresses less frequent all the others, but remembering them we can’t, as this part of a woman’s everyday wardrobe is present and deserves special attention. Primarily this is because short is always convenient. In summer, short dresses are very comfortable and not hot.

Therefore, with respect to the length – nothing is forbidden. All fashionable. As they say – «the main thing that kind was sitting.»

Summer casual sundresses 2017 should be light and comfortable. For sewing it is best to use such fabrics like chiffon, silk, linen, cotton, knit. Although leather clothing has not been canceled. That’s just for the summer is better to choose tunics and dresses from natural and not faux leather.

As for styles, it is very popular in the summer of 2017 will be the style without the top. Dresses that are always on the chest or very thin spaghetti straps – undeniable hits everyday fashion 2017.

Also sundresses with asymmetrical cut is another highlight fashion 2017. By itself in addition to the asymmetrical cut that looks original, has the ability to really draw attention to your desired part of the body. So a girl with a pretty neck and chest can choose sundresses with asymmetry in the upper part, whereas those with beautiful feet can emphasize them by using asymmetry in the lower part of the dress.

In addition to style without a top and asymmetric cut are the popular dresses in the Empire style and box.

Empire – this is when the flare starts under the chest.

Sheath close – fitting dress, with a length of 10 cm above or below the knee. Sheath dress, we’ll do a more detailed at the office. Although there are a considerable number of promenade dresses in the style of the case.

Now we want to say a few words about casual dresses from the winter collections of 2017. After all, we still wear them almost all of February. Don’t forget that November and December – is also fairly cold months. And though they still far away to think about what kind of casual dress to buy for the cold weather now.

Winter hit 2017 steel blown dresses. Remained high, ratings and leather dresses. Length, as with the summer period are completely different. As long as you feel comfortable. Very popular are also skirts.

Very fashionable print all over 2017 will strip. Summer and winter dresses it is better to sew from fabrics with geometric shapes. Cells, triangles, sections and zigzags – all of the fabric, which meets the straight line will be very fashionable in the casual clothes for 2017.

Walking style 2017. Skirts, pants, leggings, shorts

Walking skirts everyday fashion-2017 do not differ much from dresses. All the same materials and fabrics, the same prints, the same length.

As for styles, popular are a-line skirts, skirts, skirts-hand bells and all the skirts. These shapes are relevant in 2017 in summer and winter.

Casual skirts 2017 can give more volume to your hips. Exactly the same as can hide the flaws and all the «extra». For summer designers represented and a mini skirties and Maxi skirt lengths. There were, of course, without the MIDI length.

Often on the catwalks there were girls in skirts with the smell. Due to the long slit and open legs, we will relate these to a skirt. Although it is possible to develop a more rigorous model, if you ask for.

What else new is the fact that designers have diluted the simple, classic pencil skirts bright and vibrant colors walking skirts in this shape, decorated with cheerful prints.

Pants casual fashion 2017 full rassvetami and variety of styles. Frequent guests of the runways was cropped pants.

Very popular in everyday fashion 2017 will loose cut trousers. Wide straight leg pant won the top of the fashion Olympus.

Exactly the same way as flared trousers.

In short, the fashion 70-ies returned and gathers applause and flowers.

Walking pants — this is one of the most convenient things. And on the bench you can sit down in a café is not ashamed to go. Fitted pants will perfectly symbolize your delicious forms. If your forms are not too perfect, the prints in the form of vertical stripes along the legs will visually lengthen your legs. And as the band is now at its peak, you kill two birds with one stone: and the figure corrected, and have become very fashionable.

As for jeans, you can wear for any walk. It is comfortable and stylish. Jeans in 2017 fashionable to wear any from the truly feminine fitted models to boyfriend jeans.

As for the pants, their producers are sewn from any tissue. In a style they can add extra-long shirts and jackets and you will be very comfortable.

Casual shorts fashion 2017 designers represented different lengths and styles. Elongated, straight, short, denim… podvorotni, neatly stitched or just cropped jeans. Were visible on the catwalks in both the winter and summer models.

Walking style 2017. Blouses, tops, sweaters, cardigans, sweaters

To the bottom to pick a fashion camisole, blouse or top, especially the strain is not necessary. Enough to see the collections of our fashion designers and it becomes immediately clear that the most basic it’s not even fashion and sense of style.

Designers recommend as a top to wear any convenient clothing. The main thing that the top and bottom do not live separate lives, and combined with each other. If you want to focus on the top, the bottom is better to choose more discreet.

For walks perfect blouse or top in a boxy cut that does not hinder movement and allows you to feel confident.

Among the leaders of the top remains shirt. It can be worn not only in the office. She is a wonderful garment for walking style. Especially if it is bright and unusual.

What the top fashion in the summer of 2017? Lace, knitted, mesh, chiffon, silk blouses. If they are translucent, they look a little sexy. And these materials are very fashionable and just right for the warm period. They are gentle and light. In addition, they are very pleasant to the body, because they are not hot.

In winter we usually wear warm sweaters, cardigans, pullovers and sweaters. In 2017 the volume will be fashionable warm sweaters.

Chunky knit natural wool is a real winter trends. Not mistaken, and those who choose the warm top embellished with fringe.

For the autumn period will do more thin solid color women’s.

Cardigans can buy both the buttons and straps. You can also buy a cardigan with a zipper. Here, the designers hope, the sense of style of women.

Office casual style 2017


Strict skirts designers basically showed his autumn-winter collections. But we can draw some conclusions for the summertime. The best, and win-win classic skirt for everyday wear to the office – pencil skirt.

From the materials we have to note the skin. In winter, go in the office and in a black leather skirt, while for summer it is better to take the bright yellow, green and red leather skirt. The main thing for them to choose the right top to not look like you are going for a walk.

As for the slits on the skirts, the shows were very noticeable slit in the front or side. Such a cut in business casual style looks very impressive.

Often in the office of their winter skirts the designers sewed fur. Perhaps this option will not call everyday, but we hope that manufacturers of clothing drawn from this idea the best and will be able to adaptirovat it to our reality.

As for colors and prints, then in the office everyday fashion remains a popular cage. Skirt in small or large square will be very fashionable in the winter and in the summer of 2017.

Pencil skirts can also be in stripes. Vertical -elongate your legs. But to elaborate, we will not. We have already determined that line in 2017 is breaking all records of popularity.


Among the everyday office fashion pants remain to lead the high-waisted pants. They always look business-like and tasteful. The high-waisted pants perfectly accentuate the perfect figure and slim waist. At the same time, they don’t look extravagant. For daily trips to work is what you need.

As a casual style in the office don’t hesitate to wear cropped pants. Only better that they had a classic fitted cut and more subdued colors: winter of dark and lighter pastel pants in the summer. Among the prints is better to choose a classic: polka dots, stripes or just a monochrome color.

Pants can be supplemented with the appropriate stylish short jacket or blazer will make for a wonderful outfit to work.


For office perfect blouse with a twist. For example, with a beautiful bow.

Besides shirts – the main subject of office wardrobe. They can be perfectly combined with a pencil skirt or stylish jeans. You can wear shirts under suits. And Vice versa – over the top shirts to wear another top.

Blouses are classic and modest cut will never go out of fashion. They always emphasize the feminine charms. So if you have a wardrobe there is a blouse you can not hesitate to wear it in 2017.

Stylish blouse with sheer sleeves. Moreover, everything is transparent in 2017 is very fashionable. But since the office especially those you can’t play, we have little chance to lift the veil of mystery and show awareness of fashion trends such blouses.

For daily office style you can also wear shirt and ties, with frilly, thin belts, contrasting collars and other permitted office fashion décor.

Casual fashion 2017


Very popular in casual business fashion.

As we mentioned above, dress in the style of the case is one of the most popular models for office. This dress is quite restrained, but at the same time it will emphasize the exquisite womanly figure. And indeed any fitted but modest in color and the decoration of the dress would be very appropriate in a business-like fashion.

The most successful length office dresses in 2017 – copper. Copper and so bathed in the rays of glory, and for the office is generally ideal. Because copper covers such sexy women’s knee. Although if you are better in a more shortened version of the dress better stay on it.

The suits with dresses is another interesting thing to your casual business style. All of the stylish office ladies should house at least one combination of «dress-coat.»

Flared, asymmetric dresses and casual business style although there on the catwalks rarer, but still occur. Moreover, these models are now fashionable. Therefore, a more daring ladies and office, you can find a special or a fitted dress.

Sport casual style 2017

Sport casual style 2017 includes not only shirts, t-shirts, trowels, shorts and pants made of soft and comfortable fabrics.

Often girls, especially the young, wear the clothes in athletic style to any location. To walk in cafe with my friends, sports suit, University – t-shirt and slim-fit jeans. What to say about the gyms and fitness centers.

Mainly to just stretch sports freedom-loving person who don’t like hinder movement. Therefore, for such individuals, the designers are developing a line of sportswear.

Some of the models on the catwalks appear on the heel even under tracksuits. For those who like experimenting can try in your everyday Luka to combine glamour and freedom.

For example pink crop top and trousers sporty cut, you can try to wear under the heels.

Now there is a huge variety of skirts in a sporty style. Such skirts t shirts go perfectly with sneakers and with heels. The main thing – to choose the top.

Sport style is now doing even dresses. In these dresses is quite real and to go to the stadium, and not ashamed for people to show up. In a word, if you want sports clothes, you can do even a little sexy.

And new the latest collections, the jacket under the trousers with the stripes. Earlier pants with side stripes can be worn only under a trowel in the gym. Now it is actually a combination of «jacket and pants». As Shoe designers recommend to choose shoes or sneakers. But again, in such extravagant outfit the choice of shoes is just a matter of taste and preferences. To experiment — to experiment.

Back in fashion echoes the 90s. tracksuit with the words, hoodies and skirts with pleating again burst into our everyday sports fashion.

Now even business suits manufacturers make of knitted fabric. What to say about sports. Them – just the sea.

In addition, short jackets-outerwear – it is also a wonderful item of sporting wardrobe for the colder period. A down jacket is generally a safe and very comfortable warm top. But it is not for us to tell you, you know about its advantages.

Another hit sports-casual fashion – dress-shirt. With proper selection of accessories and shoes in this dress you can go to work and walk to the stadium and cheer for your favorite team.

And if under such a dress to wear pants, it is possible and to play sports. It looks like something in sports openly.

In short, in 2017 continue to weave all styles together. Business is closely intertwined with sports and sports with pleasure.

We have absolutely extraordinary, but at the same time, magic products. There is no limit to perfection, and creative. And the versatility of the clothes is also a kind of perfection for which to strive.

Designers in the illustrative examples suggest the women to relax and not be afraid to combine at first glance incompatible things.

If you experiment, you will not be like other people. You will be original and noticeable. But the main thing here, of course, do not overdo it. Be sure to include the sense of taste and rationalism.

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