Bustier dress

One of the most popular and favorite outfits girls is a strapless dress. Perfect for summer and any other time of the year, as well as an evening out. This is an outfit with an open neckline, neck and shoulders, which is called the bustier dress. Their styles are completely different. Among them a lush model, tight-fitting for everyday wear or holiday.

The only thing that unites all these styles is a sexy outfit. It should be noted that with proper choice of model, bustier dress can afford to put on any girl. What you should know, choosing the bustier dress and what it is best to wear tell «Fashionable».

The choice of the dress bustier with the features of the figure

There is an opinion that bustier dress sits well only on girls with smaller Breasts. This is not so, because this dress is made of more solid construction than any other. Zipper down the back or side, grosgrain rods through the bodice, tight tops and special cut enable along are securely fastened on any figure, even with curvaceous.

Girls with big Boobs stylists recommend to choose dresses with bustier neckline in the shape of a heart. If you choose comfortable clothes which will be hidden under the dress, then the image is simply unique. With dresses of this type girls with a curvaceous figure can accentuate their beautiful voluminous Breasts and womanly rounded shoulders, and the model with a high waist and length to mid-thigh or to the floor will help hide flaws in the stomach area and thighs.

Choosing the bustier dress is most carefully for girls with broad shoulders. To the top is not visually «pull», you should create an hourglass silhouette with skirts or dresses-«razletayki».

Another point when choosing the dress-bustier – underwear. If you can wear this dress without bra, it is better to buy a special smooth bodice with detachable straps. It is recommended to use a bodice without the bulk of the decor, lace or embroidery. Industry of underwear can now offer silicone bras, which are perfect for bustier dress. This bodice is kept on the chest only in the front, so its not recommended girls with a big bust. In this case, perfect traditional fabric underwear strapless bra type «Angelica».

What to wear with a bustier dress

Strapless dress – the perfect combination of modesty, glamour and sex appeal, so do not neglect the many accessories and decorations. They should serve as a bar to the end of the image, emphasizing the natural beauty of the dress and its owner.

Bustier dress is appropriate to wear in Hluboka time of the year. It goes well with a thin jacket or Bolero for colder weather. Also that dress suit in silk or chiffon scarf (stole) draped over the shoulders or tied at the neck.

While choosing the accessories, it is advisable to focus on one or two items in the tone of a basic outfit. For example, you can stay on the clutch or small purse, summer hat, waistband or belt-elastic band.

Jewelry should be in moderation. Original beads or necklace should be chosen depending on the shape of the neckline of the dress. For example, a very fashionable look, the pendant on the chain. Bracelets will help to highlight the fragility and the beauty of the hands. However, do not get involved, it is better to choose one ornament.

Remember that exposed parts of the body always attract attention, so the decollete, shoulders, elbows and hands should be well groomed and fingernails in perfect condition. Also need to consider your skin color when performing the makeup to the transition were strongly contrasting. In addition, if the body shows signs of uneven tanning, it is worth to fix it using the special tools, otherwise, the effect of the dress-bustier will be blurred.

Shoes to the dress-bustier

Shoes to the dress-bustier should pick up, given its length, style and purpose. Thus, under dresses or below the knee length suitable sandals flat shoes, sandals, and shoes. More short dresses go well with a small heel, and the mini allow the shoes. Modern trends allow you to wear during the summer plain cotton bustier dress with a high waist and a straight skirt under the shoes. High heel sandals and luxury shoes are better to wear under formal strapless gown.

Evening dress bustier

We can say that the evening dress bustier are traditional for any important event. In the top popular outfits for secular parties – a fitted strapless dress to the floor. Exquisite evening dress bustier is still the ideal solution, the embodiment of femininity and openness at the same time.

The main advantage of the outfit strapless – Nude part of the body above the chest. So the outfit mostly monochromatic, often complement a wide choker or a massive suspension that will make the main accent in the image. To enhance the beauty of the neck, the hair is raised to the hairstyle. While for girls with tall, slender legs perfect dress with a high slit on the thigh.

As for the flowers, for the ceremonial dress code black tie perfect dress bustier jewel-toned, pure white or black and white. When choosing a dress with bright colors (e.g., bright fuchsia or Sunny yellow) should give up accessories and jewelry, because this outfit will be completed.

When the dress is made of glossy material (satin, taffeta etc.), it is recommended to abandon elaborate and ornaments, without full skirts, pleats, embroidery or beads. In General, choosing the evening dress strapless bright color is good to think how to complete the image.

If you are staying for evening dress, print, embellished with rhinestones, leather or other components, it is desirable to abandon the accessories and jewelry. It is also worth remembering that this dress is not suitable for everyone. Soft makeup will help make the image more refined and delicate. It is recommended to use light, pastel shades of lipstick, sleek arrows on the eyelids, shimmery powder on the cheeks, neck and décolleté.

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