Britney Spears in social networks boasted a slim figure

Just a couple of hours ago famous singer Britney Spears published in the social. networks photo with a new photo shoot by renowned photographer Jeff Lipsky from Los Angeles. Now anyone can see: the figure of a girl in a full order.

As you can see, hard power and enhanced training in the gym gave excellent results: the mother of two sons looks amazing. Clearing the screen of your computer, launch the photo editor with the above photo, Britney immediately put the frame in Instagram, and then in other social services. networks. Under the photo was the inscription: Jeff Lipsky impressive! The whole summer working hard!

I should say that Britney Spears is releasing a lingerie collection in the month of September, however, she created all the model and also starred in its commercial. Before that event, in the week in Las Vegas will occur on another show Piece of Me at Planet Hollywood. The series of presentations began in December last year, and the audience was amazed by the scale and extent of view.

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