Bright and unusual images for girls

Images for girls. Despite the fact that today any girl possible to try any popular and fashionable style, it is very important to be myself. Of course, nothing prevents you from experimenting, but it is very important that your new image meet your inner world reflect your second I Like to find unusual and striking image for girls? First you need to get acquainted with the main contemporary images that are relevant. Maybe this will help you to make your choice.

In 70-80 years there was a popular movement , the hippies, this style is now. Very often this style are fond of different romantic personalities from the art world: poets, writers, artists. A hallmark of hippie style — long hair parted down the middle (also suitable haircut cascade of long hair), jeans or a long skirt, hand-knitted sweater or shirt. Hippies like to walk barefoot. Their way of life is not expected to burden themselves with work of any kind, as it is quite austere. Their entire appearance said that a person needs a little, its existence should be straightforward. In the language of young people, their motto «don’t worry! »

Girls-hippie in his makeup as a rule much eye make-up, making them bright enough. They use black mascara and eyebrow pencil, Rouge is not used. As a jewelry preference is given to natural materials: skin, suede, color, tree, because hippies are called «children of nature». Bright way can be called «neon fashion». Note that all these incredibly bright acid colors today can not be called relevant — they were popular a few years ago.

However, some girls prefer very bright makeup and going to the disco, synthetic dress pinafores and pants that, by the way, for the body not very useful. With the help of colorful and incredibly bright shadow girls kislotniy paint their eyes, lipsticks also have such bright colors. Sometimes that looks pretty cool.

Girl NAF-NAF feels like a kind of media youth fashion. She dresses, as you can tell from the title, shop stylish teen clothing «NAF-NAF». Girls who prefer this style, adding new products to your wardrobe, guided by seasonal collections. Also they are always aware of the various fashion innovations, they know what to wear. This image is an attention to detail, there are no inconsistencies and nothing more. if a girl NAF-NAF decided to draw arrows on the eyes, so you need to wear a sweatshirt with an elongated collar. If you emphasize blush on the cheekbones and put a Shine on your lips, then rest assured that will wearing a sports clothing. If Mike is wearing the colors of kiwi and eye shadows painted the color of the sky, so will be dressed sewn right on the figure green blue plaid pants.

Many believe that drivergenius style «unisex» does not care about the beauty of their faces. However, it is not so. Very often in various cosmetic products, they spend a lot more than together girls NAF-NAF and kislotniy. All these efforts are intended to create the most natural way, making use of cosmetics to only slightly emphasize the facial features — in fact, a good makeup should be invisible! This is according to women who prefer masculine style of clothing. They wear instead of women’s blouses, shirts or t-shirts, very similar to men’s Trouser suits, pretty rough boots, bulky sweaters, short haircuts, etc.

Girls-bikers hardly ever parted with motorcycles, which are their friend and means of transportation, and sometimes the house. Girl-biker is not as rare as some believe. Approximately 20% of biker girls. Familiar and favorite clothes for them — boots-Cossacks, jackets-leather jackets, metal jewellery, silver chains. This outfit is simultaneously pretty and looks feminine and very rude.

Girls-bikers usually wear short stylish haircuts, or covered with «bandana» long hair. They use the minimum amount of makeup in the makeup — black eyeliner and lipstick — this is enough in order to feel confident and irresistible. Something about the image of the girl-biker like the image of a rocker.

Perhaps this is all basic modern bright and unusual images of the girls that exist today. Go for it!

As a bonus — bright images available to all girls:

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