Bright and stylish clothes in your wardrobe

In the winter, as ever, the soul desires the sun and bright colors. The variety of color I want in everything: in food, nature and, of course, clothes. However, even with the arrival of spring, not every representative of the fairer sex decided to get a couple of juicy dresses and colorful blouses.

Perhaps this is due to the imposed Soviet rule, office style: white top, black bottom. And women just do not dare to go beyond that, wearing too «noticeable» in their opinion thing. Maybe it’s just some inner insecurity. After all, in the clothing, you are doomed to attract the attention and prying eyes. So, not wanting to disrupt his «comfortable existence», a beauty and go, wearing a sets of sad gray, brown, black colors.

I hasten to defend the «brightness» and individuality and to debunk the stereotype that beautiful clothes – always Intrusive and noticeable.

In clothes of rich colors, in fact, there are only positive side.

First, to be interesting and attracts attention is not only possible, but necessary. Because how else do you get a boyfriend?

Secondly, the intense outfits, fresh flowers improve mood and increase efficiency.

Third, bright colors are absolutely charming all the ladies, regardless of age, status and appearance.

It is important to learn how to combine things together and then you can be sure all of the above on their own experience.

So move on to practical advice. Immediately dispelling the myth that colorful clothes is only the young ladies. Even psychologists wonder who came up with this nonsense and convince women of more Mature age do not limit yourself in pleasure to give your image lightness. The bright color in this case can be as basic and secondary. For example, to a sober business suit would be appropriate to do a red manicure or wear a bracelet.


Lovers too conservative dress code, without updating the wardrobe, of course, can not do. Will have to collect will in a fist, arm acquired knowledge on this issue and go to the nearest store. Where do you start?

Of course, fitting. It is necessary that the thing was not only beautiful, but also perfectly «sitting» on you. Moreover, bright clothes, like no other, able not only to give the image of freshness, underlining the advantages, but also expose all the flaws. For example, red or green pants are not advantageous will look at the complete girl. The places you would like to hide due to the extra pounds, it is not necessary to «dress» in bright.

Sometimes, when you choose a new bright new clothes, the question arises: will this color next season? It is a reasonable question. Fashion is changing at lightning speed, so getting the upper clothes or clothes that you plan to «wear and carry», choose more versatile colors (beige, gray, brown, etc.). With t-shirts, dresses and trousers are not limited in the range. Let your «top» and estimated the bottom to be completely opposite colors when they harmonize – take no doubt.

How bright the clothes are allowed to wear at one time?

You will not have any problems if you used only one vivid element in its stylish lookе. Otherwise, the situation with a combination of two or more colors. Here you need to exercise extreme caution. Organically will look luscious shades with pastel colors (beige, gray, white, blue, etc.).

The actual turquoise color is great «make friends» with white color and delicate pink with a rich blue. But even the presence of only one bright element in your outfit will give you a radiant look and high spirits.


Bright and stylish clothes in your wardrobe

Without interesting jewelry, life loses its charm, and the outfit looks unfinished. We are Not talking of course about the plentiful «obveshivanie» themselves with all that to be in the box. Interesting is the manner in which the element of the accessory or the adornment of «converge» in a bright color in your kit.

For example, an unobtrusive yellow bracelet would look good paired with your yellow skirt. Or, if your stylish look consists of a red skirt and flesh-t-shirt, can add a single contrasting color.

Bright and stylish clothes in your wardrobe

Try to add to your life bright colors, and you will see how immediately she will bestow you with all sorts of unexpected amenities and «new horizons».

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