Great thing, interesting is the cropped jacket, the sleeve can be both long and short-Bolero.

Not everyone knows what a Bolero was originally a men’s clothing Spanish bullfighters is a fearless tamer of bulls. And it is no surprise that part of the wardrobe we borrowed them from the men.

What are the Bolero will be fashionable this year?

Fashionable Bolero

So, we all know that a Bolero is decorated with buttons, ribbons, hooks, and brooches. And it can tie a knot or bow at the front, with front straps go to the tapes for tying. And of course, the question of how to decorate a Bolero at the moment, has many variations. Decorations for Bolero have no borders: fur inserts, embroidery, sequins or beads, knitted stripes are fashionable this year.

Bolero has a great look, but you need more to deal with the issue of practicality and uniqueness.

Bolero worn in the daytime and in the evening, it is suitable for any outfit, keep you warm in the cold and will complement your look and can help hide figure flaws. The lady will feel more confident if you can keep a full hand, too large chest or broad back. Bolero looks very feminine, gives the owner of a touch of aristocracy, You will look mysterious and attractive to men.

Bolero became so popular that many fashion designers use them as one of the main elements in wedding dresses.

For particularly important cases suitable fur Bolero, accentuate Your status and position in society. Leather Bolero jacket perfect for daring and bold girls, it goes well with jeans. If there are doubts about the leather jacket, jeans, you can pick up a denim Bolero:

And a simple dress Bolero turned into a magic club or office outfit.

Also now in particular favor Bolero with lace. Romance such ideas it is difficult to argue, and lace Bolero perfect for work and pleasant meetings. A great way for a businesswoman, whose day is painted on minutes, but on the personal life they do not forget.


The choice of color will delight you with its diversity! Stylists advise to choose the Bolero in a contrasting color from your image – this will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

Recommended some colors, particularly relevant for the Bolero: celadon, khaki, terracotta and honey.

Although Bolero may be any color, depending on the outfit that You are wearing.

In any case, Bolero is not one of those things that You can wear only once.

With additional accessories you can beat a clean, monochrome look, and the Bolero with this task perfectly cope! And this applies not only to everyday life but also the upcoming wedding, including how the bride and as a bridesmaid or a guest.

Next few photos Bolero for wedding gowns.

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