Blue bag

It is not surprising that many women prefer this noble color, because blue is the color of good luck. In Europe the blue color came from the East. We can assume that it is from India, it is no wonder that one of the most fashionable shades of so popular today the blue color is called Indigo. Blue clothing or accessories will be best suited to those girls, the mood which tends to change quite often.

If you have the desire to buy a thing blue, you can to start with bags.

Stylish blue bag will always be appropriate. Model of handbags should be adjusted to the selected style. For example, clutch bag blue color will complement any cocktail dress. But if you like large leather or suede bags, you will be able to add this accessory to your everyday wardrobe. The blue bag will look great with a bright t-shirt and jeans, its possible to add a red bracelet.

Very original look on the blue fringe bag. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, you will be able to decorate your purse with extravagant accessories.

Designers recommend to pay attention to the combination of blue and black, because they perfectly complement each other. So the blue handbag you can complement your little black dress and dark blue shoes.

The same will be the fashionable combination of blue and white colors. This summer the combination with the white shorts, striped blouse and bright points. In this outfit you will be able to walk on the beach.

By nature we are inspired by the combination of sand and sky, so it is impossible not to talk about the combination of blue with beige. You can wear a black skirt, beige blouse and add your outfit a stylish blue handbag.

Blue bag can be not only a bright accent, it will perfectly complement your image. In order to become gentle and lovely, you should think about how to combine it with light colors clothes. But if you like to dress flashy, you can experiment by adding clothes fuchsia noble blue purse.

The main thing to remember is that whatever style and whatever size of handbag you choose, you must be, above all, convenient. Follow the fashion and be always beautiful and elegant.

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