Blouse in polka dot

There are few prints that, with such a long tradition, however, never bored. We will focus on the polka dots – such artless and at the same time elegant, adorning clothes, even in the feast, even in the world.

The versatility of the polka dots attracted to it again and again. On baby dress? Fun, bright, happy!

On the ladies ‘ blouse? Unobtrusive, stylish, low profile.

Large and small, are bright on a dark background, dark on light, every woman will find a suitable option.

Blouse in peas

Trying to give good old peas to a new sound, designers have played with him this way and that, doing a pea colored, «flatten» them to the ovals, throw them on a cloth in a chaotic manner and make drawings of them. Creative vengeance – all in the interests of women.

Blouse in peas

Democracy blouse in polka dots is evident in all they do not «conflict» with any clothing. Shorts and floor-length skirt, jeans and office suit: they share one thing – a friendly relationship with «pea» blouses.

The only restriction, which should adhere to combine the blouse polka dot skirt with the same pattern but a different size or color. The thing about polka dots is worn only one – and that is enough.

Almost never a good combination of polka dots and cells, stripes or floral prints, only in cases when the peas are quite small.

To create a concise and elegant way the best choice still remain blouse polka dot print and a solid skirt or pants.

Blouse in peas

Further photos of the blouse in polka dots and with what to combine them.

Blouse in peas

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