Best wedding dresses 2017

In the new season the attention of designers is aimed at brides who have excellent taste and sense of style. That is why they have created a huge number of trends. However, you only need one, best and chic in which you look real Queen.

Today is equally relevant and classic models, and the avant-garde and retro. It all depends on your taste, the features of appearance and style of the planned celebration.

Proper selection of style

The most convenient dress is the one that can emphasize your strengths and make you a truly beautiful bride. A model that looks good on a mannequin in a fashion magazine or on the catwalk, maybe not so successfully to look in the mirror. Therefore, in order not to spill tears on your dress for such an important celebration, you should consider all features of your figure.

Need truthfully and honestly identify all your strengths and weaknesses and choose the right model based on them.

Quinceanera dresses

Lush white wedding dresses can transform a figure. Of course, the designers rely primarily on girls with a perfect figure, but for other brides, such a dress may be appropriate.

Dresses for brides with curvaceous

This season, designers pay special attention to buxom brides, presenting several models that will look amazing on a custom shape, transforming it and presenting it in the best light. First of all, it is a modern classic models in Empire style or Greek style. With the help of these dresses you can model your figure new.

In addition, there are several techniques that will allow you to balance the proportion of your body, bringing them to perfect. You will be able to help:

•Free Poluprilegayuschy styles

•Drape fabrics

•The use of plastic fabrics which drape well

•Matte fabric with no Shine

•Long hem dress


It is necessary to focus on the neckline, highlighting its elegant finish or drape. Designers for the decoration of wedding outfits safely use any decorative techniques: sequins, rhinestones, fashionable embroidery. Also beautiful to look models that reveal the back or shoulders, they can accentuate beautiful Breasts and to distract attention from the shortcomings of your figure.

Wedding dresses for the «dyuymovochek»

Vintage models

A great choice for a fragile miniature brides will become a model wedding dresses in retro style, especially the dresses of 50-60 years. The fashion pattern of this season introduced the British model Twiggy, who as we know was a very delicate Constitution, and everyone called her «little twig». Weightless and graceful models of the time perfectly accentuate the elegance and lightness of your miniature figure. Currently, the styles of dresses this season are at the peak of popularity, but for you it will be a great way to demonstrate the benefits of their fragile and delicate patterns.

Model new look

Best wedding dresses 2017

Wedding dress with the classic silhouette of the new look of Christian Dior will help you to create the image of a delicate flower girl. This model is beneficial demonstrates a slim figure, beautiful legs and a thin waist. This dress can be a good solution not only for a themed wedding, it will adorn any modern celebration.

An a-line silhouette

Best wedding dresses 2017

Beneficial to look on the fragile girl dress simple A-shaped silhouette, which will slightly cover the knees. You need to give preference to models with open arms and delicate neck. A minimum of decoration in this dress draws attention to your figure. In this seemingly simple model laid hidden sexuality, interpreted by designers this season in a completely new way. Here, the simplicity kompensiruet using expensive and luxurious fabrics, the selection of which a limit is not necessary. The most fashionable in this season trends will be handmade lace with a large floral pattern, or the imitation of ancient European techniques.

Long wedding dress

Long wedding dress will never go out of fashion, because it is a classic wedding attire. In the new season, this dress will sparkle anew.

The style «Princess»

Best wedding dresses 2017

This dress will be perfect for priverzhennost traditional look to your wedding outfit. This model in modern fashion back style icon, British Princess Kate Middleton. Her wedding dress was made in the best traditions of fashion and became the starting point for the return of fashion on the model of the wedding dress.

Corset bodice in this model, this season should be enough delicate, it needs only to highlight your slim waist, the neckline, beautiful hands and a harmony of proportions. Complement the image of a lovely skirt with a train. Everyone around you the impression that getting married a real Princess.

Wedding dress style «Princess» is the perfect accompaniment to a satin or natural matte silk. This fabric will help further emphasize impeccable silhouette.

The style of this dress is defiantly modest and does not provide a deep neckline and open arms and shoulders. Accent can become the bodice and train trimmed with handmade lace. Its combination with silk would be perfect, because the purpose of this Bridal dress is to look noble, aristocratic and refined.

Dress with train

Best wedding dresses 2017

In the season 2017, the trend is simplicity of style, splendor and elegance which will give well-chosen details. Such a beneficial item can be a plume that will perfectly complement the long hemline of your dress. The skirt of this dress should be made of plastic fabrics such as chiffon or silk. They are perfectly undulate gently contour to the figure, emphasizing its slimness. The main trend of this season are sophisticated techniques of cutting and layering. In this model, there should be a few of the skirts of light and light lace, tulle or tulle. The greatest effect of weightlessness and lightness can be achieved by using different fabrics for the skirt and successfully combining them. The main condition is that these fabrics drape beautifully and created fine waves of movement.

How correctly to be photographed in a wedding dress?

A mandatory attribute of the wedding ceremony is a photo — and video shooting, so it is especially important in a wedding dress to look most effectively, to not be ashamed then to show your wedding photos to friends or children. And it’s worth it to put in a little effort.

The correct style of your wedding dress is only part of a successfully created image. It is also important to choose the right color scheme. The traditional white dress will go far not every girl. Today, wedding fashion more democratic and allow the existence of fashion models wedding dresses in different colors and a good combination of colors. The only taboo is the use of dramatic saturated colors.

Soft pastel shades are associated with innocence and tenderness, so first of all, you should look for a model of wedding dresses in these colours. In the season of 2017 will be relevant the following shades: champagne, mint, ivory and tea rose.

Lovely wedding photos, you can get only if you correctly will reveal the coloring of your image. The camera is a capricious and merciless, the benefit of today it is possible to create your personal wedding.

Stylists when creating the image guided by the fact that all was harmony. Should be combined all the features of the figure and style of dress, color appearance and color of the wedding dress. Properly selected color will emphasize the dignity of your appearance, will give a sparkle to the eye and liven up your image, which can capture the photographer.

Fashion styles of wedding dresses

Most importantly, what is facing when choosing a wedding outfit for each bride – stereotypes. There are many models of wedding dresses that fitting can cause you only a slight disappointment. Therefore, to avoid disappointment when choosing a style, first and foremost, be tailored to suit your own style. Of course, this does not mean that you should go to the registry office in t-shirt and jeans. But if you are used to this style of clothes are you’ll find avant-garde models of wedding dresses that are bold and stylish violate all the traditions of the wedding dress.

If in everyday life you prefer classic and business style, you will approach the unearthly thick is attenuated silhouettes, tiaras and plumes. Or Vice versa, minimalism with the complexity of the cut and expensive handmade lace. There are no rules and restrictions, follow only your own taste and your vision of how you should look at the most important day of your life.

Wedding dress designers in this season offer a huge variety of various models and trends: retro, urban, chic, ethnic and Gothic, all valid. The choice of styles is also diverse – from classic styles to the clothing and even exotic saree. It all depends on your taste, the features of appearance and style of the celebration.

Important details in a wedding dress

Choosing wedding dress and accessories, it is easy to get carried away and break the style of the image, which specify ,usually a seemingly insignificant parts and accessories.


Best wedding dresses 2017

The correct selection of jewelry is very important in any outfit. The wedding day jewelry is important not to overdo it. Nowadays it is considered bad form.

Classical models provide for the creation of exquisite aristocratic image that can be successfully emphasize the only decoration that must necessarily be real. It can be string of pearls or earrings, however, with a real diamond.

Wedding dress with sweetheart neckline harmoniously decorated with exquisite choker which can also draw attention to this part of your body. A good choice will be symbolic of the heart or the delicate of a flower.

Best wedding dresses 2017

Along with diamonds well will look natural stones of pink or blue. It is the decoration must be gold in wedding fashion at the forefront of silver, which perfectly combines with white color.


Choosing a wedding dress, do not forget about this essential attribute of the bride. Today fashion allows the image of the bride, in addition to traditional wedding veils to use Flirty fascinators or flowers. It all depends on the style of wedding dress and the style of the celebration.


This accessory is essential to the diaphanous dress and deep neckline. If you open the hands, gloves should be long. The secret lies in the stylist selection-fitting gloves, matte finishing and pattern.


No matter how perfect was your wedding dress, badly matched shoes can completely ruin your image. All models wedding dress is the perfect complement to graceful high heel shoes.

It is not necessary to pick a wedding outfit platform shoes. If you want something original, you can pick up a little frivolous, but feminine shoes – ballet flats or sandals with Golden or silver shade. Such an easy dissonance will make your way to tune in a new way.

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