Belwest shoes womens: as a native of Belarus

Belwest shoes womens: as a native of Belarus

Belwest shoes womens from year to year delights its devoted fans. The products of Vitebsk shoemakers for many years closely associated with the durability and high quality, both for youth and for classic shoes women.

Women’s shoes Belvest: a little history

In 1988 in Vitebsk in a Shoe factory «Red October» together with the largest German firm «Salamander» was founded the company Belvest (Belwest). Alloy skills of Belarusian artists and the German approach to reliability and innovation embodied in 1989 in the first pair good men’s oxfords and then the shoes collections of the highest quality. Since 2002 Belwest has become a Belarusian-Russian enterprise.

Women’s shoes Belwest: pledge of quality

Providing consistently high quality products Belvest? Success in this regard due to the complex approach to creating shoes that includes a strict control at every stage of production cycles, attention to detail, advanced technologies and high qualification of the personnel. Therefore, Belwest shoes womens is not created «anyhow» favorably differing high quality.

For example, from the very beginning and to this day at the factory «Belwest» apply proven techniques adhesive, molding and sortoprokatnogo of attachment of the sole. Thanks to these techniques, all of the footwear is very durable and waterproof at the joints of upper and sole.

The materials are also used best. Genuine leather, suede and nubuck, suede and artificial leather is of excellent quality for Shoe uppers, wear-resistant materials for soles – all for long-term operation.

Women’s shoes Belwest: variety and style

Women’s shoes Belwest is characterised by diversity. Four main styles, namely Casual, Comfort, Elegance and Everyday, realized at the enterprise, presents a varied and bright palette of models. It shoes, shoes, shoes and boots; sandals, Slippers and sandals; loafers, ballet flats and clogs. In addition, the Belarusian Shoe craftsmen are keeping pace with the times, following the fashion trends and developing new styles.

All existing models are very comfortable, beautiful and elegant look and environmentally friendly. Not inferior women’s shoes from Geox.

So, deciding to buy yourself or a loved one a pair of stylish and sturdy shoes, opting Belvest will be fully justified.

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