Beach fashion: one piece swimsuit

Summer 2012 will be remembered for the popularity of one-piece swimsuits and Monokini. Such models swimwear profitable emphasize the advantages of your figure, for example, taut tummy and shapely flanks or chest, and skillfully hide the less attractive places.

Opt for the Monokini in dark blue, you will favorably emphasize high Breasts with a deep neckline, and at the same time to distract attention from the not so perfect tummy.

Ladies with a big bust will appreciate the one-piece swimsuit with a plunging neckline, which emphasizes a beautiful decollete. The leotard is embellished with an original element in the form of shells, and you will become a real star of the pool.

The famous brand Victoria’s Secret offers a swimsuit of bright red color, which will evaluate the owner of a chubby tummy. It has an elegant drape that helps conceal problem areas. The top of the swimwear profitable emphasize your bust, with the help of the easy cups and tie around the neck, heavy Breasts will be «on top».

Slender, slender beauties will appreciate another swimsuit from Victoria’s Secret, black, with an asymmetrical cut. Please note that if you are the owner of a chubby tummy, he may be even more pronounced because of the «holes» in this area. The same situation can happen with large Breasts, especially during active sports, the bathing suit may not withstand the load. This swimsuit will appeal to romantic and feminine girls.

Beach fashion: one piece swimsuit

Asymmetric cut, bright red color and delicate pattern of waves makes it very feminine.

Stunning Monokini from Victoria’s Secret-white swimsuit like very much a lover of sports style, for connoisseurs of comfort. Perfectly accentuate your slender athletic figure and flat stomach. The presence of asymmetric neckline and a playful straps allows you to keep up with the latest fashion trends.

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