Beach bag (photo)

Our summer is always associated with the beach and the beach will be essential beach bagthat will become your indispensable accessory and helper at the resort. In this bag you can fit everything you may need in the sea.

Collecting a suitcase on vacation, don’t forget the beach bag that will not occupy much space. In this bag you can put sunscreen spray, shawls and other items for swimming and sunbathing. To correctly choose the right model to start is to imagine that you will wear it. Modern designers offer a variety of options – from medium size to large textile bags.

Girl at the beach complete with a beach bag would look very stylish and interesting. In trend print on the bag, which echoes the swimsuit. As for the size, large beach bags are perfectly combined with sets of sporty style in conjunction with top, shorts and light sandals, and the original straw with a bright colorful print in a retro style.

There are many trendy beach bags – from affordable models of mixed fabrics to elegant with expensive décor. Therefore, the prices for such accessories are very different. The most important thing in the choice to model was to taste and reflect the character of the mistress.

Fashionable beach bag feature details. So, the fabric from which is made stylish beach bags, borrowed from sailors who sewed Hiking bags canvas. Very often in the beach bags are rope-fasteners that do not limit the space inside to fit a beach towel. Such decorative detail as the pocket can be functional role. There you can put many useful things. Another interesting decorating bags can become negligent delay in a vintage style, reminiscent of a time things created by hand. One of the most popular flowers in beach bags – the combination of contrasting colors – white and dark blue, came into fashion 30-ies.

How to choose the right beach fashion accessory you should pay attention when choosing.

Material beach bag

To beach bag has long served, when the purchase should pay attention to the material and handles. Given that a specific bag you need to carry a lot of things, it must be made of durable material that can withstand sufficient weight of all the beach things.

Recently came into fashion transparent beach bags. Despite the fact that transparent bags have received a lot of popularity among fashionistas for the beach such material is not very suitable. The clear plastic is very well heated in the sun so that you can get burned. For this reason, you should not choose a beach bag with metal handles. Therefore it is better to choose a beach bag made of natural material, for example, water and syncrepository materials, with a solid bottom and handles.

The size and practicality of the beach bags

On the beach girl needs to have on hand a lot of different things and very necessary for the rest of the sea. That is why the beach bag needs to be quite roomy. Choosing a seasonal accessory, you should consider what you will wear in the bag, given free space just in case. And yet the bag must not resemble a full bag. Beach bag by itself suggests the depth and large size, and it is not only stylish, but also functional!

Color beach bags

Beach bag is designed for the beach, where a lot of light and sun, so it is advisable to choose the model of bright colors. Bright colors look very stylish, easy and, most importantly, do not attract sunlight, such as black. In addition, the color of beach bag can match the color of the bathing suit or pareo. You can choose another shade, it fits perfectly with the beach-ready look.

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