Basics of image

The formation of the image of a person is an important factor in achieving success in work and in relationships with others. Today, this issue is quite a large value.

The word «image» comes from English and means an image, an idea. The image is not a collection of personal qualities of the person who he really is, but the picture it presents to others. It can be appearance, mannerisms, gestures, intonation.

To make others have a positive image about yourself, you need to take care of harmony and natural behavior. But how many people, so many opinions. One and the same person may at different people to make a positive and negative impression.

Therefore, creating your image for a specific event, for example, for the interview when applying for a good paying job, or the conclusion of an important transaction, you need to take into account the expected result of thinking over the image of their future responsibly.

The main criteria of the image

Famous proverb «meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind» emphasizes the fact that the clothes in the creation of the image is paramount. A holistic image of man is formed depending on the prevailing style and colors of clothing.

No wonder experienced psychologists in these settings can easily determine the character and temperament of the person. For example, the predominance of shades of pink meets a delicate and romantic people, red tones prefer strong-willed nature, green colors and their shades tend has a peaceful nature and permanence is inherent in the selfless, blue, and yellow – optimists. Colors corresponding to more than your appearance, should be considered when creating your individual image.

Not unimportant factor is the hair. If anything, the emphasis should be on length of hair, their color, and styling hair. Frequent change of hairstyles is the evidence of the impermanence of man, of his life searching. Excess makeup is often said about the absence of flavors, and its complete absence of improper care of their appearance.

Facial expressions is one of the applications of the image of man. It expresses emotions and feelings, creating a distinctive facial expression. Different people have very different facial expressions and over the years may vary in the same way as a person’s character.

Gestures are also involved in creating the image. Most often they are involuntary and exercise control over them is sometimes quite difficult. They give true thoughts and feelings. So work towards creating your image, you should consider this issue.

The voice is one of the most important factors on top of the image. It is a tool of communication, which is of special importance for people whose work involves phone calls. Nice, quiet, melodic tone of voice will perfectly complement your image.

No less significant in the image of man and his manner of communicating with others. Each of us, communicating, wants the interlocutor was paying attention to us, showed participate or just listen. From the way you communicate with people will depend on the further outcome of your event.

Gait not only creates a complete image of a person, but reveals its characteristic features. The key to a beautiful gait is proper posture. Lightweight, free, open gait tells about a bold, confident personality. Remember this when creating their image.

Based on these criteria, the image you create of yourself. But sometimes influential persons are turning to image-makers to create your individual image, which largely contributes to achieve the desired goals.

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