Barbie style in clothes.

Barbie is the main trendsetter of fashion and style. It will always be popular. It has its own unique style created just for seducing her boyfriend named Ken, a great figure and unique beauty. Not just that a large number of young girls and women want to adhere to this style for the past 50 years.

You can be confident and say that it’s just a doll made of plastic that is used for playing young girls. But that’s not stopping the girls to strive to look exactly the same as she was. The most important is also the fact that Barbie in different outfits and images looks amazing. We can see it not only in Quinceanera dresses, but also in a swimsuit when she treats animals, travels the world.

At the moment there are a huge number of things to dress up Barbie. Barbie is a true style icon, because she looks amazing, despite the fact that she’s wearing.

Barbie style in clothes.

Even a simple t-shirt along with high heels will look at her the same way as an evening dress. But, in any Barbie in the wardrobe must be an unreal amount of t-shirts in different shades, which can then be combined with various items of clothing.

Barbie Style

The basic rules that you need to use in order to create Barbie’s style .

1. Barbie is a role model. You will never see that she was drunk, with a cigarette in his mouth or swearing. Be polite to everyone, do good deeds, you should always smile and be in a great mood.

2. The right makeup.

For proper make-up Barbie, and to a greater extent uses eyeshadow, mascara, blush and lipstick, the framework should serve as a translucent powder, even if you have great skin, it should always be flawless. It is necessary for perfect makeup. Barbie is always pronounced eyelashes, so if you are not very thick, you can use a patch, ink you have to buy bulk. Shadows worth buying gentle tones (pink, light blue and so on). Eyeliner can be used or not, to highlight the eye contour, you can use a white pencil. It is not necessary to focus on the black eyeliner. Try to experiment.

Barbie is a very neat nose small size, so you need to use neutral shades of powder, with a brush you need to apply powder on the nose. On the lips is to apply a moisturising balm, and then have to cover the pink lipstick or lip gloss. Then, use the lip pencil to make the outline of the lips, and then brush a little rastochitel, while your lips will have a smooth contour.

Girls don’t forget about the blush. Use blush in delicate shades, while for dark skin — bronze tone.

3. It is necessary to observe hygiene. Brush teeth 2 times a day, to monitor the state of the language, and also to take a bath or shower daily. You always have to wash my face.

4. Remember to take care of hair.

Another important feature of any Barbie — she has very long hair, but they must be very well groomed. Hair should always be clean, combed. If you have naturally locks, but don’t straighten every day and painted in a light color. Barbie lot of wonderful hairstyles with hair color is always different. Once Barbie was bald in order to support patients who are undergoing the process of chemotherapy.

5. Lotion can make your skin clean and give her a perfect, flawless look, like in the picture. If you use lotion, your skin will be soft and silky. Barbie, of course, a plastic doll, but we must not forget that the ideal it does just the facial skin. Do not forget the daily use of the lotion.

6. Excellent nails. If you have short nails, you should use fake nails where the base is acrylic or gel, but if you have long nails, do a French manicure. For a classic Barbie style is to use pink nail Polish.

7. Some kind of charisma. If you want to be like Barbie, it does not mean that you have to be kind, caring and friendly with everyone. The key to success is a manifestation of personality. Make compliments to others, smile at strangers and try to communicate with everyone in a friendly way, then you definitely gain confidence.

8. Should definitely play sports. Barbie can take tennis to be a real Olympic star, to skating. She is well developed physically, but you can be exactly the same. Although Barbie is popular because she is very skinny, but that is not the main. The main feature Barbie is considered to be confidence. So we need to think about their health and physical beauty, and confidence will come to you.

9. Try to be ambitious. There is no such classes, where Barbie would try their hand. She even wanted to be President in 2004. It’s better to ask boss for a raise, get another higher education, open a business, go forward to your dream.

10. Follow the fashion trends. Barbie is the icon of the moth over a large number of years, it grew more than one generation. There is no such thing that you wouldn’t wear yourself Barbie. Be stylish, try to experiment not only with her looks but with clothes. For inspiration, just flip through a fashion magazine or visit any fashionista.

11. Try to communicate with everyone, be open, flirt with others. Barbie is not afraid to just walk up to a stranger on the street and talk to him. Make your own-esteem to the maximum, go to whoever you like, and just start a conversation with him, believe in yourself.

12. Engaged. Believe me, you can always find something you can do. Build joint plans with friends if they ask you about last weekend, then you must be exciting and interesting story. Live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment, don’t waste time.

13. Try to be happy. Remember all values. Most importantly to always be myself, feel good and enjoy every day. Really need to be who you are.

Clothing designed for Barbie

1. You are always at hand should be a lot of different skirts and dresses that are not only color but also style. Barbie is always gorgeous appearance, so she is not afraid to experiment with style and will wear everything that she likes.

2. Pants and jeans must be special. Barbie always emphasizes their slender legs, so the pants should emphasize her beautiful legs.

3. Short length tops and shorts should always be present in your wardrobe, because Barbie loves to show her legs and tummy,

4. Also a mandatory part of the wardrobe are shoes with very high heels. Barbie wears this Shoe almost the weight, so the shoes should be very much and she needs to be varied.

5. Do not forget about the accessories. Beads, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belts and handbags — all this is a must.


Your clothes don’t always have to cost a huge amount of money. To become a real Barbie clothing should look great on your figure, that is neat, clean and so on.

Of course, the color that loves most is Barbie pink. But this does not mean that you should wear only that color. You can wear clothes of different colors and shades, a great option would be pastel colors.

If you’re gonna claim that you Barbie, then you definitely will be considered crazy. Try to be yourself. If it’s not quite what you wanted, or you are not comfortable in this style of clothing, then just throw this article out of my mind and not waste time on it.

It is not necessary to be like Barbie. She’s just a doll. When your beauty will fade, rest assured that you will be able to get rid of this style.

You should not try to have the same parameters as Barbie, so it’s almost impossible. Barbie has a very slim waist and large Breasts, but in real life it looks not very aesthetically pleasing, and definitely not as beautiful as it may seem.

As a result, a huge number of real Barbie appear in the pages of PlayBoy magazine.

At the moment sales of Barbie are in a loss, but the most popular are dolls with more rounded shapes.

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