Bags with flowers (photos)

Spring is a great period for conversion and transformation. In the spring you can refresh your wardrobe by updating not only clothes but also accessories. In this article, «Fashionable» will tell about such beautiful accessories like bags with flowers.

Bag with flowers

Bag with flowers does not mean that they are inside. In fact, this bag with floral print. Delicate and beautiful drawings in the form of flowers adorn the leather goods. There is a large variety of floral bags in all shapes and sizes. In addition to bags Floral prints adorn not only the bags but also suitcases with backpacks. So what are these spring accessories.

Types of flower bags

Consider floral patterns, there are models with a pattern of flowers. Floral print is placed on the insertion of mantle tissue, or other solid material. A lot of popularity among fashionistas have bags of ethnic motifs. For example, painting of folk art and the famous Khokhloma. These thematic prints graced the wares of local designers. Today, the shops filled with a variety of handbags with bright floral patterns.

Another variety of these adorable accessories – bags on fabric. These bags because of the cheapness of the material are among the most affordable. Are in great demand among students. Leather handbags are the more expensive option. Skin print is applied with a sufficiently complicated technology special resistant paints. Despite sufficiently high cost items, this bag will delight its owner for a very long time, will emphasize the status and style. Definitely a girl with this accessory will attract everyone’s attention.

Also, floral prints on bags can be in the form of a textured pattern weave flowers and stems in the form of openwork stamping. Such decoration looks quite nice and unusual and can decorate as jewelry for every day and beach bags.

Another type of this accessory – the original bag in the shape of the flower. To create this design creation, the product is in the form of a Bud, such as roses. Imitation of petals – ruffles, sewn on the basis of round shape or with draperies.

You can make a floral bag with your hands?

To create a fashionable accessory you can own. For example, a certain floral you can add your own bag. For this you need to sew flowers from fabric or other material that can be purchased at the store or make your own.

Artificial flowers for decoration bags you can create on the basis of pieces of natural or artificial leather, color of thread, knitted or Mac.

To get started, create flowers for decoration, grab rhinestones and sequins, and using rivets to fasten the bag decor.

Who and what can carry a floral bag?

Bag with floral print can decorate the image of a young girl, and Mature woman. The main thing when choosing this accessory – the color. Everyday images it is not necessary to Supplement the bags with garish bright colors. Bag on its color should be appropriate for the beach, walking or office. It is difficult to find floral bag multi-purpose.

If the issue of choice of stylish accessory is solved, do not forget that the shoes must be the same color. Shoes or sandals as well as bag can be decorated with flowers or have a floral print.

If your look involves a hat, you need to ensure that it was decorated with a flower. A decent pair of such a handbag will make a neck scarf or stole with a similar pattern. It is possible to perfectly match the items with floral patterns and to sweet and feminine.

By itself, the flower can be used as a standalone accessory, adorning a jacket or a blouse. For example, a boutonniere is in the wardrobe of every stylish lady follows the latest trends in the fashion world. Have long been movie stars and show business are capturing their exquisite costumes, decorated with various flowers.

Adhering to all guidelines, you can pick up the original bag with floral decoration, adding to it a harmonic way. Enough constantly combine familiar things from the wardrobe with floral accessories and decorations. To be stylish and sophisticated is not too difficult, the main thing is to make your images fresh motives.

Bag with flowers – photo

Bags with flowers (photos)

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