Bags fashion 2017

The role of accessories in creating a complete literacy of the image is not exaggerated. Accessories help to put the emphasis, to convey the mood and character of their owner.

The bag is a crucial addition. Because under each image, be it business, evening, special occasion, sporty or Flirty, you need the right «seasoning». This seasoning can be handbag, backpack or clutch. But what handbags will be fashionable in 2017, will help to understand «Fashion».

Bag 2017

Bag is not only beautiful and stylish, it is also the hand of such woman things like lipstick, mirror and perfume. Besides, it is also safe storage of wallet, diary and keys. In short, the importance of bags it is possible to speak long. But let’s move closer to the subject and start discussing fashion bags 2017.

Every year fashion accessories are becoming more varied. Fashion week bring out new designs of handbags and the materials for their manufacture. Bags 2017 distinguished by their originality. This year, they can be made of fur, and leather; and similar to suitcases, and similar microlatch. This year is also very popular bags under the skin of reptiles and other animals and creeping. Moreover, such bags can be completely different colors. These and many other colorful and memorable bags we plan to consider today. We hope that you will properly interpret the allusions of designers can tailor their creative solutions to the realities of life.

Fluffy handbag

And since we already mentioned the soft and fluffy clothes bags, the first we consider.

Bags of artificial and natural fur seen on the catwalks along with other fur products. It’s difficult to say what was more important: new fur bags or, for example, the usual fur coats. This year fur can be tiny backpacks and evening clutches. Moreover, with such a stylish bag and you will be in the fall and winter. Because the variety of colors just as bright as the diverse nature of the styles. Fur can be yellow, red, green, and brown. Well, if your fur bag will have leather inserts. Because the skin also continues to hold the position of leader.

Cute and feminine look white fur bag. They can also be complemented with contrast leather accents and metal clasps and chains. Although by itself the bag of fur requires a minimum of decorations and designs. Its decoration is fluffy. As you can see from the photo below even summer dresses can be supplemented with the accessory and look harmonious.

Not less stylish look black and brown fur handbags. They look quite restrained and perfect in the winter. Coats are perfectly combined with expensive on view plain handbags classic colors. This bag fashion 2017 to complement any business image. It is better that the fur was smooth. Then the image will look more strictly and elegantly.

Reptile skin

We mentioned about the bags that look like the skin of reptiles and snakes. But this year is not just a green and black handbag with imitation leather. Now it is bright and unforgettable coloring. Red, green, dark red, and purple bags under simulated leather reptile look elegant and fashionable. Sometimes this genuine skin crawling that looks really expensive. Sometimes the skin complement the creeping tiger color, looks predatory, but fascinating and magical.

The girl, in whose hands the purse with the imitation of reptile skin, becomes. But this bag is not for a simple and tasteless outfits. This accessory is the addition of luxurious coats and stylish coats. These bags will only fit the expensive finery. Therefore, in order not to spoil the whole intended image, it is better think carefully about detail of his appearance.

Interesting to look bright bags under the skin of reptiles and dark. Bright ever be able to convey the inner rich mood of his mistress.

In a special event where you need to show their status and influence this bag will be a great help. Because only confident ladies choose this color, and they are absolutely not mistaken.

Handbags with fringe

For playful girls and women who prefer lightweight and unobtrusive way, a great accessory speaker bag with fringe. Fashion bags 2017 the designers often complement these lovely pendants. The length of the fringe can be varied. Effectively look very long slits of suede fabric. Instead of the standard knobs unusual look of the handle-like straps and a cute braided.

Fringe designers in 2017 and is decorated with shoes, dresses and other accessories. But with bags this decor looks especially at their place. A variety of brushes and different degrees of processing, makes each bag special and individual. But remember, if you chose the fringe, then the rest of the stuff is better to take more modest. Despite the abundance of stuff with this decoration, it is better to comply with the measure. Modesty and simplicity is not going to spoil any one.

Handbags with fringe in bright colors can distinguish you from the crowd and attract a lot of attention. While bags of dark colors (black, cherry) is able to make you an office lady who is very well versed in fashion trends. A little fringe will do-like image and make it more soft and warm.

Two in one

No less interesting than fringe snakeskin look handbag. And if the first two we are already quite familiar, the last option is something new and unusual. The essence of this new trend in the combination of the two bags together. They may look like two separate bags of greater and less size, where the second is conveniently located in the first as in the case. Another option is the 3-D bag glued on the ordinary top. But you can just take two different bags, it is also not prohibited.

In short, designers do not cease to amaze us. A bag like this to describe in words is very difficult. It should be easy to see. Usually they are different colors. Contrasting the two bags perfectly coexist on a single product. They may even be of different materials and diversified one. But together they create a great Duo that explicitly allocate one of these bags and tell the world that it is still stylish.


Another stylish and noticeable bag bag in the form of a suitcase or boxes. It’s not a daily option, although some models are quiet pastel colors and with a minimum of decors, it is suitable for everyday wear. But usually the designers did try the original bags and decorate original, though simple.

For an evening bag-a suitcase, you can choose red or silver color. It is important that the whole image was nice and moderate. Reduced stylish bags-bags like clutches. In these bags will fit only the necessary. Rather, it creates the image that serves as its decoration.

But ladies who like to put in the bag a few more things, but that they were in order and laid out on shelves, suitable for large bags-bags. They like cases will be to keep the shape, so they can easily find all the right things. Women who often wear in the bag the documents can choose this option for working days.

In General, for day and for evening may be something to pick up. Look stylish with fashionable bags-suitcases in 2017. They are diverse. They have incredibly beautiful colors and insanely original decors. They are different from other handbags. Bright and confident personality can safely stop the choice on these bags.

Bags of unusual shapes

Even more boldly and outside the box look of the bag is not quite the usual forms. For example, some designers have made bags in the shape of hearts. Others decided to create a bag-bag, decorating it with colorful leather flower. Some even decided to make a bag-a sponge.

Bags of unusual shapes — a phenomenon quite often on the runways. But these fashionistas are still hard to get used to. After all, these bags others. They are different and take all the attention.

Some designers have added luster to his charming handbags. In the end, gold plated and silver plated handbags of different shapes appeared on the catwalks and overshadowed skirts and coats with simple cuts. Although these bags and overcame quite unconventionally, however, the way the result is quite cute and playful. Heart gave a soft romance to the female psyche, especially in addition to openwork and embroidery on the dresses. Bag-mesh not less than subtly Express the individuality and originality of its owner, especially when you consider that the grid this year, at the peak of his fame. Some bags were like some magical attributes, which gave a special mystery and secrecy.

In General, bags custom shapes look very modern. The feeling that peculiar vision of the world will never go out of fashion. So even if you now think this bag is unnecessary and useless, believe me, it will take some time and you’ll need it. Maybe she’ll sit in the wardrobe and not one year, but for some special themed nights, where it is important to stand out and leave a memory of himself, this bag will be a great help.

Handles for handbags

But back to the reality of life where there is comfort, convenience and simplicity. Regardless of whether you choose a non-standard bright or calm bag will be the handle. Although in 2017, many models were presented by designers with no handles at all. But almost all the designers came to the opinion that in 2017 the most fashionable handles for bags short. They seem to be and look moderately easy but at the same time they are elegant and neat.

That handbags with fur, handbags with an ethnic image; evening and casual bags – they are all on short handles. These bags are elegant and discreet at the same time. The girl with the purse in the hand must pay attention to the subtle brush and thighs. Because the handbag will be located somewhere on the level of the pelvis. So, ladies, purse in hand and from the hip, from the hip…

Another hit this year – the bags without handles. These bags are usually more flat and small. Bag-a suitcase without a handle of course is not the best choice. And here is a small clutch bag will help to create both business and romantic look. Bag without handles – a stylish girl who is planning to visit a theatre or exhibition. Also, these bags office lady choose for which image plays a very important role.

Timeless go handbag which frees the hands completely. These bags are not so cute as practical. Basically a bag on a long handle, a woman can throw over the shoulder diagonally and forget about its existence for the entire walk. Some bags designers offer to place in the zone. Perhaps romantic and sweet you are with this bag will not name, but the title stylish woman who appreciates comfort, you’ll get it.

Colours and decors bags

As you can see from the photos, the designers are trying to get out of the female soul. It is so different: in some it is bright and unusual, others simple and modest. But each bag from the collections of famous designers is different from the previous one.

Color of fashion bags 2017 different. There were of course proponents of the classics, because black and white colors is not subject to the change of centuries and weather conditions. But bright and saturated colors take up very much space in collections. Most popular – fuchsia, red, all shades of green, blue and purple. No less popular among the designers of brown, pastel and Nordavia color. In General, the bag is the tone of your mood – a sure way to success.

Also enjoyed success bags to match the clothes. Such bags look as part of your dress or skirt. This handbag is not even similar, like two drops of water similar to your attire. She had the same color, same print. Moreover, this bag can be made of the same fabric as your clothes. In short, the early designers were advised to take a bag to match the shoes, now I advise you to take a bag or a different color, or to match the clothes. For the time – attitudes are changing.

Decorate your bags designers is also different. Some offer jewelry from the usual fringe tonal and contrast floral patterns to the most unusual fur accents and bright appliqués. In General, for those who like to stand out what to choose from. Bags can and should be different. This year they will be able to become the main highlight in a holistic manner.

In 2017 in the fashion of a geometric line. This global dependence on simple geometric stripes rocked the world. On bags video can overlap and be zalamyvaniya. But especially nice overcame bags, decorated with a mosaic. Modest tiles to visually make the bag smaller and more compact. As a result, even bag that fits a lot of things, looks neat. Under them, too, you can choose a similar outfit and stylish crafted. Tiles can be either black-and-white and colorful. In any case, you will be equally original and striking.

Bags on chains

Leather and suede handbags designers often instead of handles mesh chain. Are these handbags stylish and original. So, bag with chain handle – this is not news today. But just the combination of leather or suede with chains so interesting that they forget that it is rather an echo of the past century than the new. Our time chain designers decorate the straps and painted in other colors. But still the classic silver color is undying and classic. Although now considered more fashionable muted the sparkle and painted the handle-chain. Color Pataskala silver and painted copper is considered much more fashionable in 2017. And by the way, the size of the chain doesn’t matter. You can choose thin, exactly the same as a very thick chain.

Labels on bags

In the chaotic days want something childish and fun. Designers, knowing that the woman in the mood need a good piece of work, I propose to look at the bags with inscriptions. Famous designers make so a variety of their labels on the bags we can read not only the Smile and Lucky, will no doubt, have been fraught with a great mood. Meet fun prints and appliques with the children’s labels Petrouhhka (meaning Parsley). The inscription on the bag immediately brings a smile and a pleasant surprise. With such a bag you will not remain on the sidelines.

Leopard color

Quite different is the purpose of bags with leopard color. Leopard print clutch bag or small neat handbag create a striking look, especially in combination with little black dress. Just remember one rule of fashion: everything should be in moderation. If you chose a bag with leopard pattern, the outfit under it is necessary to choose a quiet and dim.

And again, animal prints must be of quality fabric. Cheap fabric will look provocative and vulgar. This is the bag you need to wear clothes that will emphasize your taste and modesty. After all, the spice here will be the bag and it will be drawn all eyes. In General, one must be careful to find that fine line between stylish and aggressive tigress and bad taste.

Promenade and beach style

When the sun Peeps out, more just want to relax and get away on a vacation. Specifically for the holiday period, designers offer a collection of totes and beach bags.

Leather bags-bags you can even take a stroll through the streets of the city. But for the beach this bag is quite suitable. Because it is done in an unobtrusive style. Besides, the bag is very roomy. It is possible to cram a lot of need for the sea (or walking) stuff.

Reusable bags-the bags just made for the beach and sand. Neither of them often painted sea, water, boats, beach umbrellas. In General, everything a summer cocktail and entertaining mood. It is interesting to look bright bags with ethnic patterns. But bright-colored can also create Sunny summer mood.

Woven and knitted bags

And finally, we cannot fail to mention the beautiful, delicate and feminine knitted bags. Hand-in-hand with them are more practical — braided. But those and others in 2017, takes pride of place on the shelves of fashionistas. Sometimes designers combine these two trends and it turned out spectacular woven bags, decorated binding.

These bags can be on the sea to take the city for a walk with her. Some in both form and material resembles a real basket. These bags are as classic for weaving brown color and bright.

Together with a viscous expensive bag looks more gentle. Under a light or openwork dress, this purse will fit just perfect. Romantic image of a girl in love beauties with such a bag, you are guaranteed. Because the binding is always associated with the home and faithfulness. Therefore, with such a bag, you can safely win the heart of the man she loved.

Backpacks, travel bags

Girls, especially young ones and appreciate the comfort, often do not choose handbags, and backpacks. What’s the best backpack? Of course the fact that it fits quite a lot of things. In addition, it can be worn on the back and hands. And if you have the right to choose, it is always better, because everyone does as it is convenient. In short, in the big cities to see the backpack is not new. And designers know it. Therefore, to girl have been trending on the catwalks you can see the fashionable backpacks 2017. And so, characteristically for backpacks this year?

For walking around the city is perfect beautiful leather backpacks from fashion in 2017 with fringe, bright prints and appliques. Well, if your backpack is augmented by a Central pocket, into which you can put something small but important. So you can quickly get to the right things.

For Hiking, you can choose a fabric backpack with lots of pockets. Fashion this year the swamp-green backpacks will make you invisible in the wild jungle. In this backpack, you can cram just about anything and still be stylish tourist.

Some designers went even further and offered his fans a fluffy fur backpacks and surprisingly bright and extravagant bags for travel. This travel bag you will definitely mix up with the Luggage of other passengers at the airport. Meet with the news, and go on an unforgettable journey!

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