Bag to match the shoes. To wear or not to wear?

The eternal question every fashionista’s bag and shoes: if I wear black shoes, what purse to choose the outfit? How about black with brown? Blue handbag, and shoes color beige… creativity or gaps in education? And if you choose a purse of the same color as the shoes, it’s too otite old? All these questions are very relevant in our time. For example, even more: they are eternal! I think that there is no definite answer? Wrong! The answer is simple: the harmony should be in everything.

Believe me, if the same bag blue fits perfectly to your image and perfectly sumirat outfit, the answer is «Yes». But if the shoes classic black, the bag can be any color, let them be even red. If your bag same color with shoes, but next to no one yawns and falls asleep not, in other words – everything is beautiful and not the least bit banal, then the answer is a bold Yes. Also, the positive answer is if the black and brown very nicely on your body, because you look elegant and cheerful.

Who is the author of fashion images. Why do they need?

All rules created in order to facilitate our lives. To do it right and just. We suspect that the pair «bag to match the shoes» were born on these grounds. Agree that it is quite simple to purchase green shoes and green bag to pick up, but in our turbulent and colorful time, everything should be much bolder and more intense. Fresh ideas are always more interesting the old.

Bag and shoes: colors?

There are three main options.

1.Clothing to help you. The variety of shoes and she kreativnaya bag is very easy to blend thanks to a properly sized wardrobe. Often a very different look good together.

2.Color. When your bag does not get bored others, and the shoes are one color, but this tone is available and on the bag and on the shoes.

3.You do not think, as the saying goes, not steamed about this. Just do percussion emphasis on one thing. If you got enough colorful shoes, bag and clothes, let them be neutral colors and with accuracy, Yes on the contrary.

The most important


If you are the owner of growth up to 160 cm, then our advice to you is to choose a handbag of small size. Many of these perfectly accentuate your figure. Ladies medium build with 170 cm in height may prefer the accessories of medium size.

For high lady (above 171 cm) with a curvy shape will require accessories large sizes, but a small handbag will enhance your volume.


If you are the owner of magnificent forms, then shoes with high heels is not the a good your decision. You are much more suitable shoes on the platform and wide heel. These shoes are comfortable and every day.

If you are slender and petite, rough shoes or boots will not be your best Shoe choice. Love yourself and buy elegant shoes that will make you a Princess.

Now the danger: if you have long legs, you absolutely contraindicated shoes with various straps and buckles around the ankle. All these jokes visually reduce the length of your legs. If you want to add weight and length to your feet, then feel free to wear pretty hair clips without any straps.

If you are a big lady, choose and major elements of the Shoe. For the lush forms of these shoes are perfect. But the thin straps, rings, presecki – it all adds massiveness.

Never be afraid to experiment. Bag same color with shoes or a bag to match the dress — it does not matter! Nice and comfortable, you can combine everything. The main thing that you liked and was comfortable. And most importantly – your good mood!

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