Bag on a chain

Currently, classic has become the bag on the chain. It will go with any outfit. The main thing that was properly chosen shape and color. Consider the most interesting models relating to handbags on a chain.

To the classic variant include small quilted bag with chain. This model of Chanel came up with. And still this model has no equal. Bag with thin chain shoulder will be a perfect addition to the wardrobe. This option is intended for publication in the evening. But with any rule there are exceptions. For example, in denim shorts and a bright shirt, mens casual jacket, slung over the shoulder bag from Chanel necklace and high-heeled shoes, you can become Queen of the party.

For many fashion houses Chanel bag has become the benchmark, and they continued to produce their own development models of bags on the chain. This contributed to the emergence of options where the handle of the chain can detach. If there is a need, handle is detachable, and the bag takes the form of a delicate clutch.

For those keen on large bags, the most suitable options in which is combined a metal chain with leather. You can be sure that it will withstand all her upcoming test. Comfortable and elegant option would be bag of the postman, where instead of the leather handles chain. In such bags the chain is adjustable in length. These models are able to emphasize the individuality of every girl and are the ideal bags for each day.

To choose for themselves the bag on the chain can each girl. A stylish accessory will be the handbag is small in size with a short strap for parties. Large models with durable handles, suitable not only for everyday but for trips in the trip.

Below in the photo gallery you will see bags on a chain:

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