Bad in casual clothes for men and women

The French word mauvais ton (bad) literally means «bad taste, bad manners». In the current Russian language, this concept is extremely widespread and is used in many spheres of human activity, ranging from conduct to manners of communication and style of dress.

About the bad manners are relatively casual clothes, this concept is more loyal and democratic compared to holiday and business wardrobe. All confined to personal taste and can be worn for almost any things. The only exception perhaps we can assume things that are not appropriate for any given situation, and improperly combined different styles and colors of clothing items. It is necessary in the pursuit of originality in casual clothing is not to overdo it, to have style and taste and be neat.

Moveton in casual women’s clothes

Moveton in womens casual clothing is considered to be wearing a mini-skirt and a translucent blouse. Casual clothes must not be decorated with glowing crystals and abounding of shiny elements. In any case, should not wear such clothes that resemble underwear. It is considered bad manners and peek out from under the upper garment of various items of underwear.

A combination of jackboots and shorts, mini-skirts and short dresses generally is a sign of vulgarity.

Moveton in casual men’s clothing

In the men’s casual clothes a sign of bad taste are considered to be dressed in any shoes and white socks. The only exception to this rule are light socks to match the shoes or the suit. You should never wear socks under flip-flops or sandals. Should definitely consider that the length of pants and socks matched each other. Too short or the wrong size pants when you walk is laid bare part of the leg, describe a person as untidy and has no taste.

Also it is considered bad manners, the flaunting of gold chain. Gold chain is considered a pectoral ornament, and in accordance with this rule, it should be located under clothing. Also, do not wear at the same time a large variety of jewelry, it can be limited to a wedding ring, and for some special occasions to add to the ring and even bracelet.

General guidelines for representatives of both male and female.

Bad manners for both sexes to walk around town in clothes designed for the beach. This kind of clothing and have to dress exclusively to the destination, i.e. directly in the case of a beach holiday. Be sure to follow the cleanliness of their shoes, unpolished shoes show you how untidy person, which in turn is also considered bad manners.

In order that no one could call you devoid of taste, must in casual clothes, to observe the neatness and choose clothing it is necessary for a specific situation and your location. And, of course, be sure to be careful in the makeup and your hairstyle.

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