Anna Khilkevich said goodbye to the fashion store

Anna Khilkevich, which became known thanks to his participation in the star of the sitcom «Univer» ceased to cooperate with the fashionable clothing store.

This business proved to be quite difficult. This started this spring — was conducted in cooperation with the shop «Fishing-Gear», where they were presented with her personal line of clothing for young people, Hilly, except Anna was the face of the brand.

However, to the dismay of the actress, collaboration failed. Their goods, the store promoted quite actively, and the lines of Anna Khilkevich proper attention has not been paid.

Despite all the efforts made by the actress for the collaboration, friendship did not work and the collaboration with the store was interrupted.

After breaking up with shop «Fishing-Gear» a young girl decided to go into business and she put a lot of effort to open your own online store to become fully independent.

In an interview to the magazine «Old Heath», Anna talked a lot about what your own clothing line is much better to develop on their own, without outsiders. This helps to avoid misunderstanding with business partners and personally oversee the concept of the proposed product, its quality and value. And this, according to Lee, the most important moments.

Working only on themselves, the actress promises to do things in the online store very affordable, and they can be purchased without leaving home. Currently is working on a new collection autumn — winter this season.

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