An indispensable item in the wardrobe office

One of the most important components of the image of a stylish and successful business woman is well-chosen office closet. Look for office clothes in new ways and play styles, components and colors.


Stylish and practical coat look presentable is essential for every business lady. The coat should have a discreet and simple style and easy to dress up and have a good lie on the jacket. This season is very actual coat retro style, this style will add sophistication and elegance. Preference is given to high-quality fabrics and a boxy cut. You should not stop your choice solely on the grey or black colors, unexpected use of color and interesting prints, it will add to your way of originality and freshness.

Trench coat

The main subject of basic wardrobe of a business woman is the trench coat, which is a thing universal and suitable not only for office but also for an evening out in the light. This season, trench coats are not only classic colors but also other, more vibrant colors. With a trench coat, you can create many interesting images.


Replace your slightly overexposed black trousers blue or beige. Taking them as a basis, you will be able to successfully combine them with other items for your business wardrobe. Such pants perfectly fit shoes on a stable heel and a thin knitted things.


Your office closet can not do without blouses. The most versatile white blouse, but if the dress code of your office is not very strict, choose a blouse in a boxy cut soft pastel color palette with berry. Blouse can make you elegant, you can also add zest to your image. Today in fashion airy blouses and boho, which in blouses reflected in the form of various romantic ruffles, frills or Ruche.


Boots in this season have come back into fashion, because in our climate they are a necessity. However, the stud was replaced by a stable heel. Boots black, of course, the thing is very versatile, but more stylish and will fit in your image of brown leather or suede boots. They can be combined with monochrome set in brown tones and this season’s hottest trend color Marsala.


Perfect for office style is versatile sheath dress. We should not forget that the trend of this season are models of the seventies of the last century, and as relevant as ever Bohemian chic. Of course, the style boho for office will not work, but you can use in a business wardrobe, some parts. To create a poetic image, you can opt for a closed air dress, which perfectly complement the boots on a low steady heel.

Knitted dress

In the office are always popular all kinds of knitted cardigans and dresses. The trend of the last season was a coat of knitwear. It goes well with trousers and a white shirt. If you like comfort, stop your choice on a Jersey dress. In cold season it will be for you is simply irreplaceable, however, you can also choose for themselves a light summer option. Preference should be given to the dresses of neutral colors that are perfectly combined with other things your office wardrobe.


Basic office wardrobe should be elegant and quite simple things. Every business woman should have a jacket that will look good with business clothes. The cut of the jacket will depend on the peculiarities of your figure. It can be as the classic slim fit and fashion style jacket oversize. Should opt for the jacket with classic colors such as beige, black, dark blue. The jacket is the subject of the authorities, and this means that the tissues from which it is made, do not save.

Sheath skirt

An important place in the office every woman’s closet is a classic sheath skirt. This season in fashion femininity, so an elegant narrow skirt will be relevant not only in the office. Preference is given to models of knee-length or slightly below. Well, this skirt will look great with a jacket. However, in the cold season it is possible to combine even with a sweater. You can also try to combine this skirt with a thin belt and cardigan, it would look simply elegant.

Skirt knitted

Do you think many women office skirt must be skirt-case. However, if the dress code of your office is not very strict, can also wear a skirt from knitwear, which will work much more convenient. Knit skirt incorporates the simplicity, softness and grace, she will look great together with a white office blouse.

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