American style

What are American women and what they prefer? The movies that we see does not reflect the lives of ordinary people in the United States. While the American style is often a associated with stylish business lady in high heels. Of course, such women in America are, but they can be found only in big cities. But most of the country prefers comfortable and practical clothes, which is American style.

Shoes American style

American women wear beautiful and elegant stilettos, but do it in special cases, so a common woman in the US to meet in such shoes in the store or on a walk. A variety of sandals, shoes without heels, sneakers is shoes American style.

Details American style

Shirt – an American style. They come in different cut and very comfortable. For example, loose shirts girls wear every day, and that’s tight in school, College, work.

What is considered stylish in us, in America – bad taste (bright makeup, bright shades of the clothes, mini skirt, leopard print pants, etc.). All of this is unacceptable for America and for Western Europe. In such images can definitely attract attention, but to look like a girl of easy virtue. If in America someone is dressed, it is mainly representatives of poor strata of the population. What can be said about good taste in clothes? This is a stylish, discreet and comfortable clothes (e.g., dress in the American style).

In major cities the variety of styles was forced to introduce the so-called urban-style or casual. What distinguishes the city from a suburbanite? The ability to pick up items and look casually, but stylishly. However, if you go into the American night club are enough «native» style of clothing, bright makeup, glitter, mini, glamorous studs.

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