A vest silver

The most luxurious gift for ladies is a vest silver. And although animal advocates continue their work, the fur managed to regain its former position that clearly proved the vest of Fox. Now in specialized stores you can buy fur and sheepskin genuine leather, not to mention all sorts of styles.

It fur many years occupied the first place in sales. Fur coats made of mink, Fox, raccoon and etc. In this season the emphasis has changed a bit. Now the fur is present in different parts of the wardrobe. Fur made a sweater and skirt, but a particular demand for a vest silver. Fur are not only warm in the cold, but also make you much more modern and attractive. People want to stand out among others, you should not forget about the various fashion trends that are inherent in the fur this season.

The main element is pattern, which differs vest of Fox. The most stylish is «iconicly» pattern. The used skins of different shades and colors, which are placed obliquely. When selecting a vest of Fox note products with colored stripes. Usually the angle of the stripes defines the firm by the manufacturer.

Another factor when choosing a fur is the color. This season the most fashionable style is «degrade». It is dominated by a rather sharp transition from white to other colors. However, most of the fur coats this season are with the effect of the «color stretch», which is dominated by pastel colors, which fades from one to the other.

Pay special attention to the sleeves. Many famous designers began to pay special attention to them, which gives unlimited possibilities in creating different patterns, including vests from Fox. The color of the sleeves may be different, but there is one condition – they are only made from natural fur. For the winter period are best suited wool jacket or cardigan that will go well with sleeves of mink or Fox. Their color should be bright.

Still holds its position well known to the clamp. It is this feature and became the most stylish. This is especially reflected in the vest of Fox. Although the clamp has been around for quite a long time, he is permanently missing from the fashion stage. And all because of the fact that the clip is not only stylish, but quite functional. This is proven in practice. The clamp in the modern version has lots of functions. It’s just a collar and headpiece.

And finally, the last accent that you should pay attention to the vest of Fox. This, of course, the material from which it is made. The main thing that it was fur. The length and cut of the vest from the silver Fox can be any. But ladies all over the world want to have in the wardrobe at least one vest from Fox.

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