A tie and a woman

A weak half of mankind took note of one of the parts of a man’s wardrobe — men’s tie. Lady learned to come up with the most interesting and bold images, which are fundamentally different from the others. In this article we will talk about this interesting and sexy accessory.

Marlene Dietrich. She was the first to impose a type of necktie in fashion. She appeared before the world in the image of a fashionable dandy. And it is impossible to imagine without this piece of clothing. The dandy style is still popular today, it, as before you can see on the world fashion catwalks.

In the collections of the great Vivienne Westwood or Nina Ricci very often models are wearing this originally a men’s accessory with extraordinary skill. To enter the style of «dandy» to choose or a luxury fur and leather ties, or the simplest of them.

A tie and a woman

In the course are plain, striped, patterned, large or small. But if you attach the tie beautiful, elegant, with a pin, it will become even more expressive in your way.

But for the country style you need to choose a plaid shirt and a cowboy hat, and the tie should be the model Bolo. It’s such a neck lace, which is traditionally decorated with different types of plaques. If a style you do not like, take a closer look to the romance of the Tyrolean country style. Here «live» white blouse with lace, and her gates accentuate the braided cord.

If you’re a fan of the military military style, without a tie you do not in any way. Short, without a pattern, tie a perfect match with a straight skirt. The best choice for the way of the warrior will tie closure in the back. To help even regular tie without much print or pattern.

But if you want to look more feminine and less unapproachable, then sexuality will give you a La men’s dress shirt and flashy tie. It can be bright, saturated color, drawing and so on. It’s already a classic set for women, from which emanates the vibes of love even in the far distance. With all this wear jeans, shirt unbutton a few top buttons and casually tie seems to be the main attribute. Vicious the way you provided. The main thing is to think about where to go, because you’ll become a sex diva.

What else, you ask, subservient woman to do with a man’s tie? You know, everything your heart desires! If the suit stipulates special rules for the use of ties, for women there are no limits. Weak half of humanity can wear it anywhere: waist, neck, hair clips, hip… you Can invent your own knots. In short, imagination has no limits!

Differ male from female tie fact that for women they are shorter. In short, they are approximately half to two times. In a more free variation socks are allowed the omission site below accepted norms, it is possible to do it more.

But if your heart desires, you can wear it with a Trouser suit. Of course, the second end of the tie needs to be hidden. By itself, the wide tie is a great accessory, and in any applications does not need. In a pinch, you can attach a bright barrette. Narrow also ties (especially made in one tone) can be a real background for colorful decoration – a brooch.

A woman can afford to choose a tie of any length or width. Let it will be different from the usual male model.

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