A Thong — wearing or not!

In the eighties of the last century, female population of European and American countries began to prefer the Tanga panties. Not lost the popularity they are today, especially in the kit-fitting or transparent clothing.

In the classic version they are thin rope or a strip of cloth connecting the front and rear two triangles of fabric. Unlike strings in their back part is made in the form of the letter T, no stitches, and on the sides there are narrow strips of fabric. But recently appeared difficult to distinguish from model Thong Thong.

There are four kinds of Thong, which are denoted by Latin letters T, V, G and S. In this case T Tanga are crossed by three thin stripes. G Thong have a small triangle in the back. V Tanga have a form similar to the G model, except for the tissue center. And Tanga — the original model, devoid of side elastic bands and kept on the body due to the existing ends of the panty silicone strips.

In addition to these, there is a large selection of swimwear panty Tanga, that provides a uniform tan.

Their production is high quality cotton with addition of elastane and they are completely safe for the body. If you got the product from synthetics, from its purchase should be abandoned. For in this case is the skin breathing, which leads to skin irritation, excessive sweating and rash.

From the point of view of doctors, women with continuous use there is a danger of developing diseases of the bladder, appendages, sometimes of hemorrhoids. The reason is the rope that passes between the buttocks and plays the role of a breeding ground for bacteria from the rectum. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear every day, especially not to sleep in them. And use them occasionally cause such problems has not.

The last time Europe got the original product – a Thongdesigned for a single use. A plan – edition products for men.

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